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Asslam-o-Alaikum to all,

i hope you all are best. In this post i am going to tell about relationship between forest and human and in this post i am also share some pics hope you like.


The forest and human

Scientists have long talked about the harmful effects of technological change on the environment. Climate change, melting ice, reducing the quality of drinking water can have a very bad effect on people's lives. Environmentalists around the world have been sounding the alarm about pollution and the destruction of nature for a long time. One of the major environmental issues is deforestation. Forest problems can be seen especially in civilized countries. Ecologists believe that deforestation leads to very negative consequences for the land and humans. Without forests there would be no life on earth, it is important to understand those who affect their protection. However, wood has long been expensive, it has been a commodity. And so the problem of deforestation is achieved with such difficulty. Maybe people just don't realize that their whole life depends on its ecosystem. Although all have long respected the forest, often give it a magical function. He was the Sustainer and embodied the power of life-giving nature. He treated it with care, loved the trees and in response to our ancestors.

Man does everything for his own benefit but sometimes his deeds seem to be beneficial but in fact they are harmful as he did with forests. Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing.
Man did this with his own mind while cutting down the forests, but today this benefit has brought with it many disadvantages.

Accommodation reduction:

Deforestation has been done by man to increase his habitat, but in the cycle of his habitat he has almost eliminated the habitat of birds and other animals. That is, man is destroying the habitat of dumb animals for his own benefit. ۔ Due to deforestation, animals and birds are losing their homes.

Here some pics







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Yes, I agree, you have raised important problems. Forests are very important: forests are cut down, rivers become shallow and entire African settlements are left without water.