本来想用中英字幕版試試小程序✌️昨晚上大佬@davidke20介绍个大腿@iguazi123我抱😍太激动✌️一夜未睡,想了个双语版大帖来捧场小程序。但明知道自己胸无文墨吓唬不了人,就決定做老本行,趁今天星期一有个手工活动做个手工帖瞒天过海混个点赞✌️✌️ 谁知小程序暂时无法一下处理太复杂的事情。那就下次再試过。
Today I would like to show my friends how I to make clothes. Specially my new friends @dobartim the smartest and kindest guy that I’ve met lately. @dobartim is a teacher and poet 。 he is not only teaching the newcomer, also supporting them as they grow ✌️In the real world, he helps the people from around the world🌹I hope my friends would follow him after reading this post 🙏
Thank you @needleworkmonday giving me the chance to show my skill🙏 Please witness my process 🙏. First I made patterns, the top part front and back,the back part is folded. Cut four pieces for the front and two pieces for the back (I double it because half for the lining ). Cut the bottom part. You can cut for two or four pieces, when finished, four pieces can show more raffles. Use single stitch machine to sew the top part. Use overlock machine to sew the button part. Sew the top and button together, add elastic. Double fold the button seem clean finishing. thank you for your time again @needleworkmonday🙏🙏







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You win!!!! 你赢了!愿赌服输! 给你1枚SHOP币!

Thank you for your kind words


You are welcome 🌹🌹

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Such a cute dress! I love the wide skirt part and the pattern of the fabric is amazing. Is this dress for yourself? If yes, have you already tried it on and are you satisfied with the fit? I am still learning so much in sewing, so I am always interested how others get the fitting part done :-)


Yes, it’s mine 😀 But after watching it’s uneven because I cut the skirt diagonally

Thank you for joining us again for #NeedleWorkMonday! Your dress is very pretty. I love the way it flows! Thank you for sharing the process with us. I bet you are very pleased by your accomplishment :)


Thank you 🙏🙏