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Hi guys
I welcome you all to the 4th week of season 2 in this engagement challenge contest. The journey started the first week of June and this week marks the end of this season's program. Today the contest centres on our job or occupation currently. I will be discussing my job via this blog.

When we talk about a job or an occupation that one does, we are referring to what the person does to earn a living. Most people to do are into one job or the other not so well that they love the job but because they have to do it just to earn a living. In my country today, there are no jobs hence any work someone sees, he immediately goes for it whether he has a passion for it or not.

My Current Job (Lecturing)

Recently, I graduated from the University and as it is in the custom and tradition of my country Nigeria, you are expected to attain a compulsory one-year service to the nation I.e National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). This is a service year where you will be transferred to a different state or region completely that is different from your state of origin and the state where you schooled.

In class with my students
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Currently, I'm still undergoing this very service to the nation in a school called the college of education Akwanga here in Nasarawa state Nigeria. Serving in this school currently, I'm working as an assistant lecturer in the school. This is like a dream come through for me because I have always wanted to be a lecturer. So presently, I teach about 3 different levels because as an assistant lecturer my head of department gave me all his courses and then supervise me almost every time.

I'm been given a lot of workload by the head of the department because I told him my intention of becoming a lecturer and he promised to help me achieve my dream. He guides me through the process of lecturing and then gives me more workload so that I will meet up with the standard. Recently, there is a recruitment exercise that took place in my school and I have applied with the hope that I will get the job and fulfil my long-awaited desire.


Supervising Exams
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Currently, I do have extra moral lessons for students on the campus and I have been given some appointments to work alongside the examination community to be more exposed to the happening in the educational sector. I'm also working with my HOD on computations of results and other ICT-related issues that every lecturer is supposed to know. I do hope that after my service year which will elapse a few months from now, I will be given an official appointment as an assistant lecturer in the school.

Why I want to be a lecturer

Since I was a kid, I have always admired the lecturing job. I remember growing up in the University environment because my uncle as of then was also a lecturer. You will never see him being idle he is always reading or attending to issues that people brought. Seeing him always on the desk reading and making research gave me the zeal and courage to start reading at a very tender age.

I go with him sometimes to the class and I sit and watch his lecture. He is a very unique teacher because after the class you will always hear people rendering praise upon praise to him. Most times, students come with a gift and others come with challenges both financially and mentally. My uncle never asked me about the job I will love to do instead he told me that for any job I want to do I should ensure that the job gives me joy while doing it.

I see a lot of excitement in him whenever he helps anyone or whenever he solves any problems for anybody. People come always to the house because they will always find solutions to their problems. My uncle was not just a teacher he is also a counsellor and that alone motivated me to fall in love with the lecturing job I'm so happy that today I am working as an assistant lecturer.

I never understood the joy of teaching until when I got to secondary school and because I stood out among my equals, I was always topping the class hence my house is always filled up with my friend who comes always for tutorials. I feel very excited anytime I teach and friends in question understand my teachings. This went on till my undergraduate days at the university. I also hold tutorials and time I teach my friends to tend to understand even better than the way the lecturer taught the topic.

With this, I knew I will be a good teacher and since I have a passion for teaching too that made me always want to deliver the little I have. There is always this fulfilment I get any time I'm able to educate people via my teaching. I feel very relieved because knowledge has been passed which will in turn be passed to others. So I want to be a lecturer because that is the job that gives me fulfilment. Presently, I have been given the privilege but I want a more permanent job as a full-time lecturer.


Always love what you do as a job and don't go into doing any job that does not give satisfaction because of the money involved. I love lecturing and before this time I have worked as a volunteer staff in the secondary school I graduate from before going to the youth service program. Teaching has always been my passion and desire and I teach not because of the money but because I find fulfilment in it.

I invite;

Best regards;

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We have National service personnel here as NYSC and I will be doing mind next year. It’s a compulsory activity for every graduate.

You have try a lot, cause lecturing three different levels it’s easy at all. You have to study for each session.


Yes my friend, the joy is that i love research so much and that makes the work very fun to me. Thank you for your comment on this post my friend.


You’re welcome buddy

Hello @simonnwigwe, thank you for inviting me to participate in this contest.

I do share the same passion to you of lecturing I like teaching a lot I do and I hope in future I can get the opportunity opportunity to teach be it in the university in a secondary school but how much love a secondary school.
Yeah it's good to see that you were top in your class during your school days it shows you are a very determined person I can see it from your work in Steemit keep doing the great work and continue to teach younger generation

Good luck to you in the contest my friend


Thank you so much, my friend and I pray that you get your heart's desire as well.

The passion you feel for teaching is evident. I hope that soon you can be admitted as a teacher and you can fulfill your dreams of training others in their professional preparation.

Successes in the contest.


Thank you, my friend, I love teaching and I will be very happy if I'm made a full-time lecturer. Once again your comment on this article is well appreciated.

As a lecturer, it is evident that you feel good teaching, impacting knowledge to students, it is a great occupation, i tell people even when they dont agree that the best occupation is teaching, cannot be compared to no other occupation, the wise one understands what i mean and other tend to disagree, teaching is a God gifted work not all of us are graced to do so, if not , i should do no other job than teaching.

A piece of comment on my last publication will be appreciated
Greetings and blessings


Thank you my friend for sharing the same view with me. Teaching is indeed the best profession anyone can ever think of.


You are welcome

Hello friend, really teaching is very beautiful. It's good that his uncle inspired him in this beautiful profession. I hope they officially give him the title of teacher in the institution where he has been working for months.
You are right we must be in the work that we like and love what we do.
I wish you a happy day
Greetings and blessings


Thank you my friend for your comment, truly teaching is one aspect that I love most and I am always delighted when I do it.

Amigo @simonnwigwe

LA educación universitaria es una de las mejores ocupaciones, ya que depende de los profesores inculcar en los futuros profesionales valores para que sirvan a su nación y a las empresas de buena manera.

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Thanks for the wonderful review my friend

As a teacher, it is clear that you are a very hardworking man sir, influencing knowledge on students, it is a great profession. My friend you know a lot I think the job of a crypto lecturer is right for you because you have a great knowlede about crypto. I also want to learn from you. What do you say? Anyway thanks for sharing your work with me and other users in this community. Best of luck for this contest .

Greetings 🇵🇰


Thank you so much my friend for your support and comment. We all learn from each other and that is how we a grow. Thanks so much friend, your articles too are quite inspiring keep on the good work.


You are welcome dear sir.....

Your post is very detailed and I read till the tail end.I can see that your job at the moment is working as an assistant lecturer courtesy of your NYSC.Thats a very good experience that you are gaining and I wish they retain you after your service year.

Good luck!!


Thank you my friend for your prayers and well wishes.

Teaching is a noble profession, it's good to learn that you have passion for lecturing, I wish you all the best and thanks for inviting me, my entry is loading!


Thank you so much my friend, I'm delighted you stopped by, indeed lecturing is a noble profession am happy to be in this field.


You're welcome 🤗

Me alegra que te estés preparando para ser lo que quieres y seguro serás un gran profesor y darás excelente conferencias.
Mucha suerte en el concurso!!
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Thanks friend

Recently, there is a recruitment exercise that took place in my school and I have applied with the hope that I will get the job and fulfil my long-awaited desire.

Amen, I pray you get the job brother.

Your uncle must be really proud he has had such a huge impact in your career choice. Students who have lecturers that love the profession won’t lack at all. The students you will get the chance to lecture will be very lucky to have you.

Wish you the best of luck.


Thanks for your prayers my friend. I also bless God for the grace so far