Jan 2021.

4개월 전

I should be more careful about how I continue to go about things. They may not actually help the end goal and serve as a distraction. Those other guys may continue to think this is a pre-bitcoin endeavor and haggling is part of it. I can't. There are some things that are non-negotiable.

I think the biggest mistake people make is not realizing they are actively participating at the very brink of what is a major advancement. Blockchain is a platform technology. It has disrupted and will enhance all fields. You do not have to be a technical person or have conventional skill sets. I've seen history majors and political scientists leverage blockchain with their knowledge of globalization to outpace the pack.

I've also seen businessmen, and educators design a model that is overlooked but is the blueprint to solve several user scalabilities and retention issues on TronSteem. I've seen financial guys tinker with "tokenomics" in a manner that leads to appreciation despite the very little intrinsic value their product has.

However, there is a class of coder intellectuals ruining projects. They don't realize an anthropologist's opinion on how blockchain is currently making man-apes react could be key to solving what behaviors cause most projects to fail. They don't realize perhaps they might need an organizational psychologist every step of the way to prevent them from destructive blockchain business perceptions. Cryptocurrency is not detached from the external world. The same rules apply.

People from all fields have been on these platforms and joining projects. For years they've been giving advice in relation to their field. The coder intellectuals have remained totally clueless. Many fledging decentralized products would not resemble what it does today as it would've accounted for years of free consultation.

2021 will be an interesting year for crypto. There is great consolidation taking place. I really do need to refocus. Maybe just a little bit more fun before back to serious business.

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