Joining 5050Club by Power Up 50% of my Rewards | @abidasharif | 20% to @siz-official

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Hello Steemit Fellows!

Hope you all are fine. I am abidasharif and today I am joining #club5050 and would like to share this post to show my commitment as a member of the Steem Infinity Zone community. That is a very good step for the community to get more support and get more success in steemit platform. I invite you all to participate in it and share your commitment with us.

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My Participation Steps:

So, I will Powerup 50 Steem from my wallet and want to withdraw 50 steem. My history shows my transaction and powerup steems.



I have played my role in Powerup and joined #club5050, Now it's your turn! come and join #club5050 and power up your 50 steem for your community.
A bundle of thanks to sir @cryptokraze for always supporting and guiding us.

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Thank you for taking part in the club5050 and trusting in SIZ Community. We are giving you 190% upvote from our official community account @siz-official.

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