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What would happen if you got nine hours of sleep for seven days in a row. Let's talk about that.

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Poor Sleep

  • If you get poor sleep your protected operation is going to be affected.
  • You're going to be more susceptible to getting sick even infections your risk for heart attacks and stroke are going to go up.


  • You are going to have altered blood sugars.
  • Where you are going to be hungrier.
  • If you're already a diabetic it's going to make things worse.


  • It's going to affect your cognitive function in focus concentration and memory.
  • It's going to affect your mood you're going to feel more irritable.
  • It can also increase your stress level.


  • Your tolerance for certain people it's going to be lower. You're going to gain more weight because most of the fat-burning is at night and growth hormone is mainly activated at night.
  • Growth hormone is the main fat-burning hormone.


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Advantages of 9 hours Sleep


I want to talk about is your mood it's higher for sure you have more tolerance to stress. If you take your proper sleep then your mood will be good but If you take poor sleep then your mood will be bad.


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Focus and Concentration

You have way more focus and more concentration. You can increase your focus and completely focus on what you want to focus on. Concentration is very important if you sleep for the proper time then you can more concentrate on things.


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Cognitive Function

You just sharper very distinct difference in your cognitive function. There are three main cognitive functions are perception, attention, and memory. Cognitive functions are the functions of your brain. Everyone knows if our brain is not working properly then we can’t do anything. So, if you want to make your cognitive function better then you have to sleep well.


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You are not hungry hardly at all notice that when you don't get enough sleep. You are more hungry during the day because your blood sugars are affected. Like in our The Holy Month of Ramzan mostly people spend their day while sleeping because they are hungry much.


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The next thing is your endurance with exercise walking up a hill when you don't get enough sleep. You are don't have the endurance now you seem to have an unlimited amount of endurance. You don't get tired.
You can go right back to bed now at first what was happening the first half of your sleep was pretty good but the last 50 of your sleep would have to kind of go into a rem sleep which is a superficial sleep very similar to feeling awake and then kind of pop out of it.

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Then later for a while go back into a rem sleep for a little bit pop back out and then go back one more time so you have to go through this cycle of three times waking up, going back, waking up, going back, waking up.
So, the combination nutrition is helping to the point where you just get up once and you can go back to bed and you are finding more. You can do this the easier it is because you are training your body to stay in bed until you achieve like nine hours of sleep.


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Now the other thing that I found is you have to exercise for one hour a day. Because if you don't you have so much energy your body is just not tired. You have to physically do a lot to get your body tired.
You have to do a combination of compound resistant type exercise and you will also do some high-intensity interval training mix in with that every single day.


You have to do this whole sleep thing and then you realize the difference. I am digging this extra sleep and I never really actually would realize this until. I went through it because now I have something to compare it to and I feel much better with more sleep.


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Five Cool Sleep Tricks

that'll help you get into a nice restful sleep so you're sleeping like a baby.

  • Temperature

  • Acupressure

  • List all Your Problems

  • No Lights

  • Celery

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I find this is effective if you're sleeping at a temperature of like 68 degrees people get in a much deeper sleep and they sleep longer than having it too hot in the room real simple thing but it does help.


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Acupressure on parts of your body that are stressed out if you think about it is what keeps your body awake. There's tension or stress in certain parts of your body mainly it's going to be in your back and your abdomen or even your chest. There are certain acupressure techniques and stretches that you can do to extract this stress from your body so you can turn off at night much better.


  • The first one is in your mid-back you can use a small towel and roll it up or a foam roller and you can arch back on a chair through your mid-back this is the location of something called the sympathetic nervous system the fight or flight mechanism and this is going to quickly relax the entire part of your upper torso especially in the chest area. You have to try this and then go to sleep you're going to find that it will help you go to sleep.


  • The next technique is working on the acupressure points around your abdomen but you're extracting stress from different digestive organs down there on different acupressure points that are linked with different organs because if an organ is congested or overworking it can create tension in that area and by doing these acupressure points every single night before you go to bed and you're going finally going sleep a whole heck of a lot better.

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List all Your Problems

The next thing is right before you go to bed you just basically take every single problem that you do with every single thing, you're in doubt with or indecisive about and just list all these items get them out of your head so you're not trying to solve them that helps and, in the morning, you have a list of problems to attack.


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No Lights

So, many people want to go to bed there around bright lights and they try to go to sleep about an hour before you go into bed you want to turn the lights down you don't want to have your eyes exposed to bright lights just soft lights because darkness stimulates melatonin which then triggers serotonin to help you sleep. If we want to keep the lights off about an hour before going to sleep.


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So simple very effective now if your fasting is a cellar, you're going to knock yourself out not very much it's mainly off fiber with just a little bit of carbohydrate. You wouldn't worry about it but if you are concerned about it just consume the celery right after your last meal but if you consume celery in the evening it does help your sleep a lot because there's a certain chemical in celery that decreases blood pressure and it relaxes the nervous system so try it out and see if it can work for you.

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~ Thank you for your precious time. Good Night and Sweet Dreams. May Allah Bless You. ~



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