SIZ Admin Commitment to Club5050

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Dear Fellows,

Most of you know about the new initiative of steemit team which is #club5050. The purpose of that initiative is to encourage the culture of power up. I am very pleased to see that SIZ members are joining Club 5050 after it was announced that SIZ will support this initiative.


I was working on making new developments about #club5050 where SIZ will provide special support to members who will be joining the club. I am making this post before the announcement to show my commitment to #club5050 as Admin of this Community.

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I will keep this post short and to the point. You have to do the following things in order to be a member of Club5050 and receive special support by SIZ.

1 - You should always power up 50% of your wallet rewards and remaining 50% can be used for cashout.

2 - I have 1180 Liquid Steem in my wallet and I am going to power up 590 Steem which is 50% of the rewards.

3 - The remaining 50% rewards will be transferred to SIZ Exchange and will be considered as cashout.

4 - I will be using #club5050 tag in all my upcoming posts from now as member of the club.



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This is my commitment to #club5050 as Admin of SIZ community and I welcome everyone to join Club5050 through SIZ platform and received special support that we are going to announce very soon.

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Publisher : @cryptokraze
Discords : FxKraze#2451
Telegram : @FxKraze
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Yes we are joining #club5050 with siz

Good work 👍 we will keep powering up 50%.


We will support #club5050 keep power up 50% siz support club5050

As A member of siz i will support the #club5050
Because i know that siz will support us
I have no any doubt about this
Because siz has supported the user in every condition before this
So i will support

Great work 👍 .As a member of SIZ i will also power up my 50% steems.I sure it will make my voting power strong.

As a member of SIZ i will support @club5050.
I,m sure this power up will increase my voting power and my confidence in steemit Blockchain
I'm want to support my friends and family and contents that i like.It will makes me strong voter on steemit.It will also gives me better curation rewards.

Great work and we will support #club5050. I am also a member of #club5050. SIZ is supporting this initiative that is a great thing. I invite all siz members to support #club5050.
#welovepowerups #club5050

We will support #club5050 and I believe SIZ will support us.

As a member of siz i will support my community because i have confirmed that the powering up of steem will increase my voting value
And i also now that siz will always support us
I suggest to all my friends lets come and take part in #club5050 and make community strong

Yeah we'll surely join #club5050 . Its just for best growing. Thank you @Cryptokraze for guiding us. ☺

#club5050 Yes we will participate in club 5050 and it will help to grow

Surely I m joining #club5050 with siz and sure for having support from siz.

Great work 👍 .As a member of SIZ i will also power up my 50% steems.I sure it will make my voting power strong.

As a member of SIZ I will support #club5050 and I believe that as supportive community SIZ will support me.

Good work i will also take part in this club

Great work we will also promote #club5050 in our community.

#welovepowerup #club5050 ✌✌

Wow this amazing, we will keep powering up 50% #club5050

I always appreciate this community and always try to follow all the rules. And this #club5050 is an amazing idea. I really appreciate and and support this. And I believe that SIZ community will support us


Have a great and responsible leader then members of the community will also be sincere and committed too to follow the rules. I have also decided to be part of #club5050. Hope for the good to more grow and strong altogether. 🌼

Yes i know #club5050
I have done previous payout with #club5050
And also i shell be participate in future...😀😀

I will support Admin and join #club5050. Will make my joining post very soon.

Nice @cryptokraze i am very happy after see your post and i am also joined this club and in the future i will promote this #club5050 in our community. And i hope you also support me for thia act. 😀

A good and excellent leader is one who supports his entire team, and leads the team along. And you are a very good and excellent leader of this community.

And am also join the #club5050....
Regards @cryptokethor.