SIZ Contests have Arrived | 600 Steem in Prizes for June 2021

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Dear Fellows,

This is @cryptokraze, Founder of community Steem Infinity Zone (SIZ) with an important announcement that we are going to start SIZ Contests on regular basis. Contests are the best way to increase engagement and participation in the community. At the same time, they provide an excellent chance to win prizes for your efforts.


From this June, we will be starting many contests that will include Daily, Weekly and Monthly Contest and you can take part in all these contests. We will continue this contest series in the upcoming months as well, so get ready for exciting times ahead.

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Daily Contests

  • As the name suggests, there will be a contest on daily basis and you can win everyday.

  • 10 Steem will be distributed among the Winners daily and total prize pool for Daily contests is set to be 300 Steem.

Weekly Contests

  • We will organize at least 2 different contests on weekly basis to appreciate the best quality content creators.

  • 50 Steem will be distributed among the Winners weekly and total prize pool for Weekly contests is set to be 200 Steem.

Monthly Contests

  • We will organize at least 2 different contests on monthly basis and the topic will be different for each contest.

  • 50 Steem will be distributed among the Winners for 1 contest and total prize pool for Monthly contests is set to be 100 Steem.

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600 Steem to be Won in Prizes

  • Total prize pool for the contests is 600 Steem and it is an excellent opportunity for everyone to get their share from this big prize pool.

  • The prizes will be distributed from the community official Grand Reward Pool (@siz-rewards) which had 450 steem in balance.

  • As community leader @cryptokraze has stepped forward and transferred 200 Steem to @siz-rewards and Top Up the Reward pool at +650 Steem so we will have enough resources to be distributed among winners on June 2021 contests.

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Let's Win Together with SIZ

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  • We are also very thankful to @steemcurator01 for supporting our community. I would like to invite @pennsif to have a look at SIZ Contest Structure and give his valuable suggestions. We will be distributing 600 Steem in June 2021 to the Winners of SIZ Contests.


Click Here to Join Official SIZ Discord Channel


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Publisher : @cryptokraze
Discords : FxKraze#2451
Telegram : @FxKraze
Twitter :

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TBH ,i don't see any founder of any community is supporting his community and his members as you're doing .Thumbs up for you 👍👍👍 All time you're doing wonderful things.
Thank you you're so supportive


You know the vision of SIZ is to empower people so I will do everything to grow the community and support members with all my available respurces.


Hey @cryptokraze . I am @faizalsteemit . I am Pakistan official singer ! My latest song OKARA DA SWAG almost hit 200k views on YouTube , so i am new here so kindly guide me how can I support and promote steemit ! Please guide me @cryptokraze

Its a great initiative for siz members and i hope our community will grow bigger


Exactly and Daily contest is started to get more people in community.

So this is very good initiative and this is good for the success of community and all members. Due to your hard work our community will be best in future Insha Allah😊😊


Daily contest is launched that is based on bringing your friends to steemit. You can do great in this contest.

Good Luck

It is very good idea of giving distributions in every week.People will really got inspired..


Let's bring some more people to the platform.

THis is just THe great in this way members will get appreciation and they will look forward to do.more hard work.YOUR efforts for us are remarkable.

NO one can reach to your mind in this way everything will improve more status of our community,members hard work.



Daily contest is launched to get more people to the community.

I'm too exited for these contest.
Thank You
You are doing very well.
Keep it up man.


You can do good in these contests.

Sir, i just say its good intiative, contests will inspire and enciurage people to do their best pevel. Such contest should organized weekely basis too, it will increase strength of our community, one suggestion there should be ceetification also along with prizez, because in any forum we can say we win the certificate from a good platform.


Daily Contest is Launched and I am sure you will do great on this contest.

Good Luck

Something extraordinary information, sir @cryptokraze

This steem prize can be used to power up the account
I believe this will be very useful if used to power up accounts


We have powered up last week and SPUD4steem as well.

These contests prizes are for appreciating and motivating members and most of them are already powering up with whatever steem they get.

So this initiative will have a sonic boom effect and we will have more power ups.


Yaps you right sir
Hope this goes well

with participation in contests .we will learn more .I also want to take part

Great improvement and start for this new month. happy blissful month to all community members.


Thank you for your support bro.


Great effort keep it up

Wow sir this will be fun thanks

Doing very good deeds. This will boost the community

Its your act of full support to your members

Dear SIR ( @cryptokraze )
That is a very awesome opportunity to our community.

You have a great vision
about the PRIZES

I am also PARTICIPATE in these contest
Thank you.

Hurra!This is a very good decision for the enhancement and growth of our community and encouragement of SIZ members .You have made very nice decisions for the imrovement and development of our community .

That's a very good initiative sir. I would love to be a part if your community.