SPUD4STEEM Power UP Day Contest is Coming | Let's Power UP on 1st August

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Dear Fellows,

I am @cryptokraze and I am going to tell you about a great contest called #SPUD4STEEM organized by @kiwiscanfly. I really liked this initiative because @kiwiscanfly and the sponsors of this contest are providing 25,500 SP in Delegation to the winners of this Contest


  • The basic idea of the contest is to encourage users to do Power UP on 1st of every month. Full #SPUD4STEEM Guidelines about the contest can be read HERE.

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My Intentions for Joining #SPUD4STEEM

  • My intention for joining the #SPUD4STEEM is to spread the power up culture in my community (Steem Infinity Zone). I will be reaching 10,000 Steem Power personally in next month hopefully.

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My Current Wallet Status

I am providing a screenshot of my current wallet status having 7379 SP and 1654 Liquid Steem tokens that I will be using to power up on 1st August Entry Post.


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Words of Appreciation

  • I would like to pay my regards to the organizers of this great initiative namely @kiwiscanfly.
  • You are doing great for the steemit ecosystem and I hope you will come up with more exciting things in the coming days.

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Special Thanks to Sponsors

  • I must pay special Thanks to the worthy sponsors of this great contest who are delegating their SP for a better steemit ecosystem.
  • All of these guys are doing great and I am hoping that they will continue their utmost support .

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Invitation to Every Steemit User

  • At the end, I would like to invite all the steemit users to take part in this contest.
  • My community members will be taking part in this contest when they grow up some SP.

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Publisher : @cryptokraze
Discords : FxKraze#2451
Telegram : @FxKraze
Twitter : https://twitter.com/fxkraze

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hola, te deseo suerte para que ganes con # spud4steem veo que es necesario apoyar a nuevos usuarios, como veras yo no cumplo con las condiciones para participar en este concurso pero de igual manera aprovecho la oportunidad para invitarte a que me sigas y así me ayudes a crecer a mi también, recuerda que yo soy un fiel seguidor y comentare tus post a diario y dare like, quizás no sea mucho, pero lo hare con mucho gusto, así que te invito a ser parte de mi familia, un abrazo

EXCELLENT good work mate

Sir I want to ask you about delegation, what is it and what are its benefits.Please tell me company details and how delegation is done