Steemit Education Series | How to Make Your 1st Post on Steemit | Achievement1 Task

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Dear fellows,

This is @cryptokraze, Founder of the community Steem Infinity Zone with another episode of Steemit Education Series


This is 3rd Tutorial of "Steemit Education Series" showing everyone step-by-step process on How to Make Your 1st Post on Steemit.

Tutorial Outcomes:

After reading and going through this tutorial, you will be able to understand and do the following;

1 – Steemit Post and its Parts
2 – What Should be Your 1st Post
3 – What is Achievement 1 : Verification Through Introduction

Let’s Start

  • Now, it is time for you to make your 1st post on steemit but you should know about different parts of a post.
  • First, Click on the Pencil Icon at Top Right corner just beside your profile picture.


  • After you click the Pencil Icon, you will see this page shown below


  • The Top Box represent Title, you should write the title of your post in top box

  • The Center Box Represents body or content area. You should write the details of your post in this box. You can do formatting of your content and you can find more about formatting with this guide by @cmp2020 on How to Properly Format your Steemit Post

  • There is option to insert pictures in body of your post. You can do that by drag and drop method or you can simply select them from your computer drive by clicking selecting them button

  • The Bottom Box Represents Tags that you can add to your posts. You can write key words about your posts. Write in Small letters and give space between different Tags. You can get more information in this post by @cryptokannon on How to Put Tags on Your Steemit Posts

  • At end of the post, you will see Rewards options. That is set at 50% SBD / 50% SP by default and we suggest to keep it as it is for now. We will make another tutorial on how to set different rewards for different posts.

  • All parts of a steemit posts are filled to show you an example in the below image. After filling all the parts of the post, you can click on Post Button


What Should be Your 1st Post ?

  • Now, you understand the parts of steemit post.
  • The questions in your mind must be about what to post ?
  • You should post an Introduction about yourself.
  • To make a great introduction post I would recommend you to follow Newcomer Achievement Program
  • This leads to a task you should do called Achievement 1 : Verification through Introduction. You can see the original post on this Achievement 1 task by Clicking Here

What is Achievement 1 : Verification Through Introduction

  • Cryptokannon has mentioned the objective of this task of verification though introduction

Newcomers Introduce and Verify themselves to Steem Community
Newcomers get to know other community within Steem Ecosystem

  • As we have provided the original post link above on how to post your introduction thought Achievement 1 Task where * Cryptokannon has explained in details on what should be included in your introduction posts.

  • We will make it even more easier for you to explain step by step process that you should do to make your introduction post.

Step 01

  • Open your Communities Page from your Profile page and select Newcomers Community OR Just Open the Community by Clicking Here

Step 02

  • Click on New Post Button on right side of the page as shown in below image


Step 03

  • Write Title of your post "Achievement 1 : Introduction through Verification"
  • Write your username in Post title as well

Step 04

  • Start writing your introduction post that should include following things mentioned by @cryptokannon

1 - Your name and age
2- A country where you reside now
3 - Your area of work or your study
4 - Your experience with crypto
5 - Your hobby and passion, dislike
6 - What sort of posts written by others are you looking for
7 - What sort of posts do you think you'll be creating (these can change, so don't feel locked in.)
8 - How you found Steemit and what you hope to accomplish here.

  • Include different photos of relevant things you mention in your post where possible.
  • You can also write something additional that is not mentioned in the above list.


You must post a picture of yourself holding a paper having steemit logo or you can simply write steemit, your username and current date.

Step 05

  • You must write the following tags in the bottom box of the post #achievement1 and your country name (for example #pakistan)

Step 06

  • After you have written all of you introduction post and put relevant tags as well, Click on Post

You can check some of the good introduction posts given below that will help you make your introduction post a great one.

This comes to end of the 3rd Tutorial on Steemit Education Series, an initiative taken by Steem Infinity Zone. We hope this will help you understand different parts of steemit post and make your 1st post though Newcomers Achivement1 Task.

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such a great and informative post for newbies in steemit. Thanks u so much sir for this information.

well done. It seems you have covered all steps comprehensively. I would love to be a part of this education series.


You are more than welcome to Steem Infinity Zone. Your experience in Forex and crypto trading will be used to train new people here.


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Steemit has a great potential and with our community SIZ, you will learn additional skills that will help you financially in your coming life.

Welcome to SIZ

This Tutorial will be So Helpful for creating my introductory post .
Look At How Much Your Time And Dedication Paid Off. It Would Be A Great Help To Us . I really admire your perseverance. 🙏
Thank You @cryptokraze very few people are able to do what you have done, especially with such ease and poise👍👏


I am glad that you liked the tutorial and it will help you make a great start on steemit. I am looking forward to see your great upcoming posts.

Lets make steemit a great community together. Thanks & Regards

Thanks a lot of giving an idea to introduce my self on steemit and how to make post on steemit community and also learn that how to verify 1 with submition of 1st/introduction post


New comers achievement program is the best to learn basics of steemit quickly.


Yes @cryptocraze it is best way to earn about steemit and do posting or many others work on steemit

when i use the steemit first time. I d'nt know about 1 box. 2 box. 3box when @crytokraze explain about these boxes. Then i would be able to write in there relevant boxes. Wow this is very useful information for me. And this is most, most useful & beneficial in my introduction.

      LOT OF THANK YOU  @crytokraze

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You will see a lot of good value being added to Steem Infinity Zone Community.

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To make it easier for us..


You are welcome

Great post.

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Thank you.


More tutorials will added soon. Stay tuned.

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Mr @cryptokraze
We are very thankful for you to teach us so well and easy, I think you are the only one who is considered so easy and well-well.
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