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What is Data Transmission?

Data Transmission refers to the process of transferring the data between two or more digital devices in analog and digital format . This data is transferred in the forms of bits.


The random access memory (RAM) or hard disk that sends the data to a processor is also a form of Data transmission.

What is Data Transmission modes ?

The way in which data is transmitted from one device to another device is known as data transmission modes.
This mode is also known as communication mode.

There are three types of data transmission modes .These are following

1: Simplex Mode

2: Hal-Duplex Mode

3: Full-Duplex Mode

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1: Simplex Mode

In simplex mode data can flow only in one direction . It cannot be moved in both directions. It operates in a manner similar to one-way street. The direction of flow never changes. A device with simplex mode can either send or receive the data. It cannot perform both actions.


Television broadcast is the example of simple mode .In this signal is sent from the transmitter to TV antenna.

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2: Half-Duplex mode

In half-duplex mode , data can flow in both directions but not at the same time .It is transmitted one-way at one time . A device with half duplex mode can send or receive the data But not at the same time. That's why it's speed is slow.


Internet suffering is an example of half duplex mode .

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3: Full-Duplex mode

In full duplex mode , data can travel in both directions simultaneously . Full duplex mode is a faster way of data transmission as compared to half duplex. Time is not wasted in changing the direction of data flow.


Television is the example of full duplex mode .Both person can talk at the same time.

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These are the data transmission modes that i explained above ...

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