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Assalam-o-Alaikum! Stemians
I hope all of you are fine and healthy.
This is my application post for SIZ Approved Demand Driven Course. I am very excited and happy on putting my application in SIZ for teaching this trendy course and I believe that by teaching you, I will also learn something good from you. As I believe that teaching is the best way of learning too.

Who is me?

My name is Hudda Masood. I am doing BSIT and also I am a Jobian. I work as Amazon Virtual Assistant in a software house. I work as a VA from 1 year and I enjoy this work a lot as it is the most demanding work these days. Everyone is eager to learn about it. So this is my shortest introduction.


I am experienced in every department of VA. Basically there is 3 departments of Amazon VA.
I have been working in this field for 1 year and I also got promoted as a coordinator and head of our team. I am passionate about my work because I love to do it and obviously because it is my profession, and a source of earning. I value my profession and if you value your profession then everybody does.

What will be included in this course?

I am diving my whole course into four different courses with 4 parts respectively.
1) Dropshipping
2) FBM Warehouse
3) FBA Wholesale
4) Private Label

Outlines of mentioned Courses

1. Dropshipping:
➣ Hunting
➣ Processing
➣ Accounts

2. FBM Warehouse:
➣ Wholesale Hunting
➣ Processing
➣ Dealing with Shippers
➣ Accounts Management

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3. FBA Wholesale:
➣ Wholesale Hunting
➣ Processing
➣ Account Health Management
➣ Reporting

4. Private Label:
➣ Selection of product
➣ PL Types
➣ Manufacturing of Product
➣ Launching and Management of Product


Why I submitting my application in SIZ?

As a former member of SIZ, I want that other can also learn something good and profitable knowledge from me and so that I would do the same. I knew some people from this community want to learn Amazon and they are interested in it. When I knew about the Demand Driven Courses, I thought that i must be the right place to share my little knowledge with the members. Who knows there would be some people who became much better in this field by learning from my tutorials. This thought clicks me and then I am here, submitting my application.
I think SIZ is the best community for learning new and demanding skills that enhance your skills according to everyone's taste. The motive and initiative of this community is for good purposes and I am happy to be the part of SIZ for good.
Thank you!
Steem Infinity Zone Team
@cryptokraze | @arie.steem | @qasimwaqar | @vvarishayy


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Amazing dear friend you make a very good application.
I am very happy to see your application because you select a very interested topic.
I am waiting for your lectures.
Best of luck hudda my best wishes for you.

Regards, @faran-nabeel



You can start posting your course.

Wow i Am keenly waiting for your course. I can't take physical classes due to job, but i want to learn Amazone va.


Thanks for appreciation and I hope you will learn it now for sure.

Amazon is on scope in e-commerce world and mostly people wants to learn about this amazing platform especially during covid .People are taking more attention towards it. @hudda you've perform the best role to helped people about learning this platform easily.
Thanks for these course series!