Tech-Diary || jan 15 - 2022 || by @maqbool12

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Greeting everyone!
I hope you all friends will be well.and enjoy your life a lot.i am very happy to see the tech dairy.Today I am share my today used technology.

Using steemworld website.

I woke up early in the namaz.i did some housework. After that i used steemworld.It does not collect any kind of personal data.this is a website.In Steemit we use this website.In this website we are told about delegation.


Using facebook.

I woke up early in the namaz.i did some housework.after that i used facebook.On Facebook I found the add of International Islamic University.By which I got complete details about this university.


Using whatsapp.

after that i used whatsapp.I have joined a group of Urdu lectures in WhatsApp.I downloaded some Urdu lectures there on WhatsApp and read these.This is a very good group of knowledge.Here a lot of data is done from Urdu.


Using image to video app.
after that i used image to video app.In which we can make video of collect many images.There are many advantages.Because we can easily make video through image.


Special thanks



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