Joining Club 5050 through SIZ Platform | 20% to @siz-official

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I have seen SIZ admin post about Club 5050 and it would be great for the community and steemit platform. What I liked the most is the explanation and simple steps mentioned by admin to join the club. So I will be joining the #club5050 through this post.


Wallet Balance

I have total 78 Steem as my rewards in the wallet and I will use 50% of steem to power up and withdraw 50% of the rewards.


Power UP 50% Rewards

I am going to power up 39 Steem which is equal to 50% of my rewards as shown in below image. This will take my total steem power to 100 which is another milestone for me.


Withdraw 50% Rewards

The remaining 50% steem will be used to withdraw and I am going to use SIZ Exchange service which is great because the admin provide instant payments without any deduction of fees or taxes.


I will continue to use #club5050 tag in my future posts and power up 50% of my rewards.

CC : @siz-official @cryptokraze

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#club5050 😀