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It has been great sharing knowledge related to IT field ad this community is providing a great platform for this objective. I am going to share another useful set of information for other community members.

Extremely simple and Powerful Language:

Python being a powerful language is extremely simple and easy to learn. It is very similar to English and open language. One does not need pathetic skills to learn Python. It works as an interpreted language where the machine reads and interprets the code written in a high-level language and converts it into low-level language.

Figure: Ease and simplicity of Python (Edited by me on PowerPoint)

Large community and popularity:

Python has a large community being a popular language. So, whenever anyone has a doubt or any technical issue can see help on thousands of Python community members available on forums like Twitter, Facebook, and Q&A sites Etc.

Figure: Python Communities (Edited by me on PowerPoint)

Brilliant in comparison to other languages:

Python has outshined among all its peers such as C, C++, Java, and PHP. Thus, we don't have to deal with complex syntax. For example, if we want to print “hello world” we have to write three lines in Java whereas in Python just one line is sufficient to print “hello world”.

Figure: Python is Brilliant (Edited by me on PowerPoint)

Portable and extensible:

The feature portability of Python means python is supported by most platforms present in the industry today. It could be a Windows platform, a Macintosh as well as many other Play stations upward Python. The extensibility of python means, it completely integrates Java as well as dotted components, and even it can also invoke C or C++ libraries as well therefore we can perform cross-language operations with Python.

Figure: Portability and extensibility (Edited by me on PowerPoint)

Array of Frameworks:

Python being a web development programming language provides an array of frameworks for developing websites. The most popular frameworks available in Python are Django, Flask, Pylons, and Web 2 pi. Today’s most popular frameworks are written in Python and that’s the core reason which makes the code a lot faster and stable.

Figure: Computer graphics in Python (Edited by me on PowerPoint)

Support Multi-Ultra complex solutions:

Python is being widely used in machine learning ad artificial intelligence, which is the next huge development in the tech world. It can do more complex calculations with just a single statement furthermore libraries such as Kara's and Tensor Flow ping machine-learning functionality. Hence, it has multiple advanced features that will support AI.

Figure: Computer graphics in Python (Edited by me on PowerPoint)

Computer graphics:

Python is largely used in small-large online or offline projects. It is used to build GUI which stands for the graphical user interface. It is also used for desktop applications and game development. Tkinter is the standard GUI library for Python.

Figure: Computer graphics in Python (Edited by me on PowerPoint)

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