SIZ Tutorials | Another Important Step Towards SEO Learning 😎 KEYWORDS Research😎

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Assalam-o-Alikumto my SIZ Family!😇

Hope you all are doing well on these pandemic days. These days will end soon In Sha Allah🧡
I am hazir again 🤪
Here I am with another tutorial. As I have discussed in my previous tutorial how search engines work? Today I will share another most IMPORTANT topic.

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This is as simple as it says you just have to UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCE MIND (i.e what peoples are looking for)
This is the most important component of SEO. So let's find out how you can make your website user and search engine friendly.
This is easy but little tricky as you have to find and understand your target area and how searchers are searching for such type of content. By understanding this component you can make strong content for your website and get more traffic. Once you find out what most of your target market is searching you can begin with SEO.

I will clear you this all with short example.

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Just consider we have a small food corner website. We want to have more business as you all know because of COVID all the things are running online almost. So we have made a website and we are having desi food. So will we write simply that come and visit us? or we will explain our products and services to our audience?
YES! We will provide a brief description of our products and services we are providing.

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As our website is about desi food so we will first find out what are the people around us searching for and what keywords are they using to search? Like if they want to eat Qorma we will have to keep these questions in mind to answer in our content to make it user-friendly.

  1. How many people are searching for this word?
  2. What kind of qorma they are searching for?
  3. What words they are using to find this dish?
  4. How many quantity do they want?
  5. Of course about our best taste.
  6. How we are different from others? etc
So your answers to these questions will be your keywords. These are the simple questions we have to consider while writing the content for our business website to target the exact audience. These are also important for ranking. There are total 18 types of keywords we consider while doing SEO. We will discuss them in the next tutorial In Sha Allah.

Hope these all tutorials are helping you. I have tried my best to make it simple and easy for you all.❤️
Keep enjoying learning SEO through @SIZ. 😇
If you have any query do ask in the comments. 😇
Will see you all soon in the next tutorial till then take care of yourself, your parents, and your family. ❤️
Fi Eman Allah!


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This is really informative I will look forward to your next post.