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Hello Everyone!!
I m making a 4 weeks course series on Cybersecurity and ethical hacking. Thanks for @siz-official for providing this opportunity.

Hope you guyz like this course and enjoy it as well.
As we all are aware about the growth of cybersecurity and its sub fields. After pandemic its importance increases 60 times. Yes, you are correct! that this class of week 01 is related to introduction of CYBERSECURITY but one more thing I elaborate about one more curious field of all IT experts and students that is ''ETHICAL HACKING''.
Outcomes :
After reading this whole content, you will have following knowledge.
• CyberSecurity
•Difference between two
•Types Of EthicalHacking
•WorldWide facts about Cybersecurity.
"The more you learn, the more you swim"(as per my analysis)
Before going into depth here it is a need to understand that what cyber security is and what is ethical hacking and differences between both.
Cyber Securtiy :
Cybersecurity simply put the act of taking certain measures to ensure that a network and its information is safe.
Examples of implementig Cybersecurity includes :
• Using a Firewall
• Requiring strong passwords to login to computers
• Installing an Antivirus software


Ethical Hacking:
Ethical Hacking is the act of attempting to break into a network in order to uncover vulnerabilities that may be present in a network or a system.


What's the difference between the Two?
Cybersecurity as a whole focuses on protecting a network from potential attacks and dangers.
This includes both offensive actions like ethical hacking and defensive actions like Blue Teaming(one type of hacking).
Ethical Hacking is a part of Cybersecurity that tests a network's defenses against attacks that hackers would be launching. We can also terms it Penetration Test(what penetration test is, we will learn it in a next class :))).

Types of Ethical Hacking :
White Box Hacking :
It is performing ethical hacking with full knowledge of the systems, applications, or networks that you will be attempting to penetrate.
Gray Box Hacking :
It is when you have some information about the network, system, or application, but were not given full details.
Black Box Hacking :
It is when you have no information at all about the network, system , or application you are going to hack. In this type, all focus are on hacker's skills.

World Wide Facts about Cybersecurity :
• A hacker attack happens every 39 seconds.
• Since Covid-19 FBI reported 300% increase in reported cybercrimes.
• 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses
• Approximately $6 Trillion is expected to be spent globally on Cybersecurity by 2021
•Average Cybersecurity engineering salary $120,000/year.
Jobs Opportunity In Cybersecurity :
• The job opportunity in Cybersecurity is extremely large and grows exponentially by the year because of increasing cyberattacks day by day.
• It is predicted that there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally by 2021.(This is really a "Wow" scene.)


• This includes positions like Cybersecurity Analyst, Security Engineer, Ethical Hacker/penetration Tester, Security Administrator and more.
• It has been stated to be one of the fastest growing field.
Here it's a brief introduction about Cybersecurity and Ethical hacking. It is vast field and to whom interested in it can study in details about it.

If anyone have any question/query, you can ask freely.
Thankyou for reading.

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