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Hello Beautiful ❤️❤️ Friends
So today I am sharing gold classic Scrubur at home you don't need to pay thousands rupee at salon. Use this 2 ingredients at home and get salon like results.


Sugar1 tbsp.
Tomatoes1 small

How to make mixture

First take pulp of tomatoes.

Add Sugar in it and mix well.



Mixture is ready and scrub it gently and wash it for 10 minutes.


Apply for 10 minutes


Tomatoes as a Skin tonner

herbal skin toner - tomatoes are a herbal pores and skin toner because it consists of rich resources of vitamins and natural lycopene this may make the pores and skin soft and supple. tomatoes provide diffused, wholesome light to the pores and skin and rejuvenate pores and skin cells. tomato skin toner can be organized at home and applied to the skin to make it sparkling and gentle.

Herbal Tonner

large extracts - tomatoes are very beneficial in detoxifying the pores and skin and may be used as a herbal herbal supplement that could hold the pores and skin easy and nourished obviously. tomato juice mixed with sugar and instantaneous espresso may be used as a moisturizer to exfoliate the pores and skin.

Facial Tonner

it is able to lessen oil - tomatoes can assist lessen pores and skin oil and make it easy and radiant. tomato juice can be applied to the complete face and leave for 10-12 minutes after which washed with cold water. it is able to lessen immoderate facial contours and provide a stunning glowing pores and skin.

For cracks skin

health blessings of ingesting warm water with lemons
fungus is indignant and dry skin - tomatoes are rich in vitamin e, potassium and different nutrients which can treat dry and touchy skin. tomatoes can heal indignant pores and skin and help lessen itching, rashes, cracks and broken skin. it will assist offer natural moisture and nutrition.

For weakened Skin

tomatoes help in treating constipation
sure, tomatoes can do wonders on dull pores and skin. it is able to deal with any form of skin weak point by growing collagen manufacturing and natural moisturizing houses. it is able to improve skin firmness and make it younger.

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