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Hello Beautiful ❤️❤️ People 💕 like me
So I today I am sharing one of my secret ❣️❣️ which I have set setting in my phone so I have severe problem sometime I don't Sleep and all my family knows and I was amazed 🤣 how do they know I sleep late because they have keep an eye on my last seen on Whatsapp ☺️☺️ and the second problem I face I can't even change my profile because all my family members are added with my me.So sort out this problem and got solution and that I have hide my last seen and profile for all my relatives 🤣🤣🤣.Now they asked me what's the problem can't see you profile and here is the trick

Step 1

First you have already downloaded the WhatsApp I think now everyone is using WhatsApp 😂😂 so open up WhatsApp and then go to front page of the app and then click on the 3 dots on the right top and there is two selections are coming one is for status privacy and setting.So click on the setting.


Step 2

When I clicked on the setting there is a list of selections coming and I have clicked on account and then in account further press on the account privacy and setting.


Step 3

Now my privacy 🔏🔏 page is opened up and this is main privacy setup of whatspp and it have so many good steps on it so firstly I have choosend the privacy.


Step 4

So now main part is here and it is the last seen and you can select by your choice whether for no one , everyone or some other selections.So as I have problem that everyone see my last seen so I have kept it for no one can see my last seen when I was online no worries now can keep awake for whole night and when I get up my last seen is hidden.


Step 5

Next problem solution I can changed my profile picture daily and I have also choose no one can see or everyone can see.

I guessed alot of people have knew these things but I think everyone is not advanced in technology this tutorial may be solve your Problem as well.
Thanks for introducing me in to world of information technology to learn new things everyday.

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Good post dear friend you make a very good post thanks for sharing information.

Amazing post dear friend @shanzal1. You are doing great work. GOD bless you. Best of luck 🤞. It's very informative post about what's app. Keep it up.Thanks for sharing with us.