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Hello Steemianz,

I welcome everyone to my 2nd tutorial about Human-Computer Interaction today I am going to talk about Ergonomics and Computing, I hoped you will learn about best setting positions and workplace ergonomics.

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It is a branch of social and systematic study, in Ergonomics studies the workplace and study of humans working environment. Ergonomics are also known as human factors that are impactful in the workplace. Ergonomics is the subject of designing a workplace, in this process, we kept into consideration the limitations and capabilities of our workers, in it, we study how to design the office infrastructure and office furniture.


In simple Ergonomics is for the betterment of workers and it is the best management tool in manufacturing workplace furniture. It is the very best tool for managing the workplace and providing the very best computer system desks to your worker just you are taking care of your Worker as we know best, happier and healthier employers are more productive.


Types of Ergonomics

There are three main and very basic types of Ergonomics, Each of these is very helpful in organizational success but also satisfied your worker, I define each separately in the following sections.

Organizational Ergonomics

Organizational Ergonomics is the combination of both types, in it, we combine the information of physical and cognitive ergonomics and maintain and optimize the safety and effectiveness of the organization. It is the overall optimization of policies, rules, and regulations, procedures.


Cognitive Ergonomics

Cognitive Ergonomics is the study of human perceptions, memory, and mental process. Before designing a workplace study the human mind and see and evaluate the human limitations and abilities of information processing . This means that the goal of Cognitive Ergonomics is to improve work conditions and human performance increase as well as safety and health to avoid human errors that cause stress.


Physical Ergonomics

Physical Ergonomics is the most common type of Ergonomics, we can say it si real Ergonomics. Physical Ergonomics deals with the factors like a physical load on a worker's body while performing activities. Physical Ergonomics is also known as on-site safety.



Benefits of Ergonomics in your workplace

There are huge benefits to taking proper care of Ergonomics at the workplace. These benefits are as follows.

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve worker health
  • Improve insight
  • Eliminate hazards
  • Decreased pain and workplace injuries
  • Increase employee engagement and commitment toward their org
  • Encourage Safety
  • Improves employee mood and energy level
  • Eliminate employees health issues like blood sugar and bp
  • Minimise back pain and neck pain
  • Improve the quality of work
  • Increase satsifiactions
  • Reduce the cost


Sum up......

Ergonomics is just about maintaining and Practice Good Posture at the workplace. maintaining good posture is a comfortable position to work in, or what feels right. Ergonomics is just making a workplace where everything on the worker's desks works for them, Ergonomics is just for making a workplace that's is fit for workers,

Hope you will a lot from my tutorial about Ergonomics. Stay blessed and tuned for a more related tutorial...

Thank You



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Thanks you so much simichbfor making a good contents posts for members and educate our community members about human computer interaction. It is very good course. My best wishes for you.

Regards, Faran Nabeel

Thanks u so much dear friend 😚 for providing such a valuable information about ergonomics.

Perfect one. I really need to show this to our coordinator it should be implemented in our office

Very good information.