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Hi Guys! I'm so excited about this contest because the topic of discussion is just hard for me to pass by. Let's talk about technology. The word "technology" is being used so much in today's world but only a few people actually understand what it means. What is technology? In simple terms it is a system of practical knowledge and problem solving to create tools.

Technology is not necessarily only reflected in things or in hardware or gadgets. Technology includes things like human language and efficiency. People often make the mistake of equating technology to gadgets or just hardware. This is not the true. These hardware and gadgets we see around us like mobile phones, laptops, incubators, syringes, cars, bicycles, scissors,etc are simply products of technology. Technology is the concepts and ideas behind the hardware the gadgets. For instance, we couldn't make mobile phones without basic ideas about metallurgy, logic, mathematics, supply chain management, etc. Also, how we carry ourselves, how we eat, how we talk, how we act in times of despair and in times of triumph are all shaped by technology.

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To answer the question of "How technology has impacted my life", no matter how hard I try, I wouldn't be able to give a proper account of it. But I will try.

Throughout my development as a fetus in my mother's womb, thanks to technology-both indigenous and orthodox, proper prenatal care was given to my mother. Without which maybe you might not have had the privilege of reading my post. Then I was given birth to in a hospital in Tamale, TTH, whose staff employed the use of technological equipment and knowledge that not only ensured the safety of my delivery but the good health of my mother as well.

Growing up as a child, in my childhood home, I was fed well with highly nutritious foods which were processed and tested using technological knowledge and equipment both indigenous and orthodox. I was clothed, the house my family lived in as well were all made possible due to technological advances through time.

One of the most important and meaningful aspect of my life is my education. You don't need to become a rocket scientist to understand or appreciate the role "technology" has played in education worldwide. The concept of education itself was brought about due to the advancement of technology. The schooling environment is not a natural environment, it's man-made. Schooling or Education was brought about eventually through man's continued cumulating of ideas.

Throughout my education, from basic school to tertiary, technological tools have effectively facilitated my learning process. Tools such as the chalk, boards, books, furniture, maps, mathematical equipment, light bulbs, air conditioning, school busses, playing fields, musical instruments, structures, and the list goes on and on...

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However, even though we are surrounded by all sort of technologies, I think that the invention of the The Computer and its accompanying applications to me is the peak of all technologies this far in human history. The computer was invented by Charles Babbage in the 1830s and ever since has been modified and improved to the present day desktops, laptop and mobile phones that we see. Previous technologies that came before the invention of the computer, in recent days, have micro-computers embedded in them to increase their functionality and efficiency. A computer can be defined as a device that can store, retrieve and process data.

Evolution of Computers
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To really answer the question of how computers have benefitted me would take up like 10 gigabytes of character but I will scale it down to a few kilobytes.

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  • I am currently a student in the university studying Telecommunication Engineering. I think that the telecommunication industry would be greatly impaired without the use of computers if it still existed at all. In our studies we employ the use of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition ) systems to monitor devices such as sensors, valves, pumps, motors, and more through human-machine interface (HMI) software which is both hardware and software. We also employ use of softwares in our learning processes such as software development tools( programming language tools). Both devices and the concepts behind them could only be realized as a result of the invention of the computer. And that's just a few.

  • Technology has helped improved my social life. Thanks to social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. I am able to keep in touch with my friends and family from all around the world. We share memories, laughter, hard times and good times on these platforms. All these softwares/ platforms are run on computers and nothing else. The Steemit Platform deserves a majestic mention. Steemit is a place where a really get to go into the minds of my friends @pandev @bsaad that I already know and others who I do not know through the post they share and their comments.

  • My financial life has also been improved thanks to computers. Ideally, without computers I would probably end up as a laborer on a farm or some steel manufacturing company. But thanks to computers I can blog on Steemit and get paid. I can trade in cryptocurrency and make good profit. I can create software and get paid. I can teach online and get paid. I can advertise people's businesses and get paid. I can even run my own business online and make substantial profits. The possibilities are just endless.

Thank you for making the time to read this post. I would like to invite @farhmade, @jaja2 and @reeda7 to also throw some light on this topic.

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