1st August is Coming | SPUD4STEEM Power UP Day Contest | Let's Power UP

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Dear Fellows,

The purpose of this post is to give awareness to SIZ members about #SPUD4Steem Contest that is organized on 1st of every month by @kiwiscanfly. On 1st August, the contest will be organized and everyone is encouraged to participate and Power Up. there are 25,500 SP delegations to be won in Prizes.


Steem Infinity Zone official account will be participating in this contest and we will use the prize delegation to support SIZ community members by upvoting on the quality contents.

SIZ Official account wallet status is shared in the below screenshot. We currently have 10,020 SP and 671 Liquid Steem and will be getting more liquid steem till 1st August.


Divider 2.png

Full #SPUD4STEEM Guidelines about the contest can be read HERE.

SIZ Community would like to thank @kiwiscanfly for organizing this event and wish him ease and comfort in his future contests.

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Quick Delegation to SIZ
50 100 200 300 400 500 1000
2000 3000 4000 5000 10000

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Wish you very very best of luck SiZ