40,000 Effective Steem Power Achieved on SIZ Community Official Account

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Dear Fellows,

Steem Infinity Zone (SIZ) community has officially achieved 40,000 Effective Steem Power and we are pleased to announce that SIZ community Official account has received 29,874 SP delegations. We are extremely thankful to all the generous delegators for trusting and believing in Steem Infinity Zone.


We can proudly say that we are taking special care of our delegators through SIZ delegation rewards (upto 200% Curation) which is the best offer in terms of delegation rewards that no other steemit community is offering.

We have also used all our rewards to convert into Steem and then powered up. Most of the funds received in @siz-exchange are also transferred to the Official account. At the same time we also received funds through Steem Investment Plan that are used to power up official account.

All these delegations and power Up have helped SIZ Community Official Account reach 40,000 Effective Steem Power which is simply great in this short span of time.


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  • One of the main goals of Steem Infinity Zone (SIZ) is to grow the community official account @siz-official to 100k Effective Steem Power.

  • This can be achieved by receiving delegations from community members and generous donors.

  • We are also using all our rewards and Siz Exchange earnings to power up @siz-official account.

  • Our Next target is to Reach 50,000 SP and we are confident of achieving that target through different SIZ projects and members support. We would like to pay special thanks to @steemcurator01 for supporting SIZ and we expect a response from your side towards our short term goal of 50k Steem Power and Long term goal of 100k Steem Power.

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Delegate to @siz-official and Receive upto 200% Curation Rewards

Quick Delegation to SIZ
50 100 200 300 400 500 1000
2000 3000 4000 5000 10000

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Click Here to Join Official SIZ Discord Channel

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Insha Allah we will do and our community will achieve this task. We will struggle more and more.
Our all team leaders perform well done for this community and will get reward of this struggle. Ameen. .....We all are always with our community.


You are doing very good. I am impressed to see your progress.


Thanks a lot Sir. And thanks for your guidelines

@tipu curate

Some tip

We are going to get the 50K mark very soon.

100k we are coming for you.


Yes Insha'Allah. This community growing day by day. Founder and team of this community work very hard. My best wishes with you.


Congratulations and InshaAllah you will take community to your target

Wow! Big achievement in such a short span of time. Many congratulations!


Thank you. You know what we are aiming for.


Sir as hard as you are working and as hard as all the leaders of our community are working, we will complete it together. Just keep getting your guidance. We will do our best to make our community perform so well that we can complete every task.