CONTEST - Tell Us About Steem SkillShare Community

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As you know from our previous announcement that Steem Infinity Zone Steem and SkillShare communities are now officially partners to provide more support to our Community members, to promote Steemit as a learning platform and to increase our Communities growth.

Moving forward, we have decided to start with a mutual contest where members from each community will get a chance to know more about the other community so that we understand each other and make some great contents in coming days.


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Contest - Tell Us about Skillshare Community

The basic idea behind this contest is to encourage members of SIZ community to visit Skillshare Community and understand their purpose and contents.

We have made a simple questionnaire and you have to provide answers to these questions in order to participate in this contest.

1. How many online courses are available in the Steem Skillshare Community?

2. What Courses Do You Like, And Explain Why?

3. What do you think about the Steem Skillshare Community, Give Suggestions and Criticisms to the Steem Skillshare Community.

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Double Contest Rewards

  • The Management of Skillshare community will select Top 5 Entries and winners will be given Booming Upvote by SIZ Community.

  • Top Entry will get additional reward on 15 Steem from Skillshare Community Management as we promised to provide double rewards in our collaboration.

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Contest Terms and Conditions

  • Subscribe to the community Steem Infinity Zone and Skillshare Community.

  • You must upvote and comment on this contest post.

  • Your entry post must be written in the community Steem Infinity Zone.

  • You must visit the Skillshare Community and give answers to the above questionnaire in your entry post.

  • You must write original content and Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

  • Post can be written in any language.

  • Invite two of your friends to participate in the contest

  • Be sure to drop the link to your post under the comment section.

Deadline for Your Entry is 25 September

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Let's Win Together with SIZ and SkillShare

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Steem Infinity Zone Team
@cryptokraze | @vvarishayy | @suboohi | @ashkhan | @arie.steem

CC: @steemcurator01 @milakz @atim1234 @pennsif


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Interesting contest i will try to take part in this wonderful contest.
Thank you so so much for making a good contest for our community members.


interesting contest i am also try to take part in this wonderful community contest.

Thank you so much SIZ for making a good contest for members. I really appreciate your community and team work.
I am also try to take part in this SIZ contest.


Good one and very interested contest for members. Thank you so much SIZ for making this wonderful contest.
I am also try to take part in this wonderful contest.
Best of luck for all who take part in this wonderful contest my best wishes for you.


it is very good contest i am very happy to see this contest because the siz official is also say in his collaboration post about making a amazing contest for both communities members.
I really appreciate your work siz.


Wow Amazing contest....
This is very new initiative on this wonderful platform. I am very happy to see this wonderful contest.
I am also take part in this Wonderful contest.
Best of luck guys all.

Thank you for organizing this contest for greater involvement of members

Hi Everyone....
I hope all will be fine and happy. Here is my participation dor this contest. Best of luck all for this contest.

My best wishes for everyone who take part in this wonderful contest.
Cc, @cryptokraze , @milakz

wow very interesting contest i will try to taka part in this great contest

@vvarishayy its an amazing contest. Thanks @siz-official for sharing this informative post with us. Keep sharing Help world learn new things. I will participate in this #sizcomments


Wow nice contest, looking forward to making my entry for this contest.

Wow this is great contest and we hope for more participants.

This js a great contest which I hope I can make my entry to before the deadline.

@siz-official. Thanks a lot for orgfanizing this amazing contest. And these both communities are great. I will must participate in this contest. And I really appreciate work of these both communities.

This contest is very interesting, because of this contest we can add insight into our writing and our way of thinking. Thank you to the entire Steem Infinity Zone team for creating an educational contest for writers to string words together.

Quite interesting, it's a nice collaboration

Interesting contest i will try to take part in this wonderful contest.

Very interesting and amazing contest.this contest Will help us to understand the purpose of the skillshare community.

I want to invite my friend
I also participate in this contest thank you.
And this is the great step to grow both of these communities
Best wishes for you
Keep growing 😊


In sha Allah I will participate in this contest.
Best wishes for you

Amazing contest, i will try to take part in this contest....

Great News! I i will try to take participate in this contest and try to share my opinion about Steem Skillshare.

Great contest!
I will participate it soon

Good contest
I will participate in both and try my best to win.

Can't wait to participate in this contest!

Such an amazing contest. Siz is going well. Its helping others communities to grow as well. I am proud to be part of this community. Keep going well.

This is another interesting contest, I try and take part in it

Contest Closed. We will announce the Results as we get results from Skillshare team.