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Greetings to all SIZ family!!

Siz Contest brings a new comment contest for all users to increase engagement. We understand that not all of the members have time daily to make a new post because it will take good time to produce quality content. So, we have come up with a new initiative to get some engagement from those users by introducing a Comment contest.

How to Participate ?

In order to participate in this contest, you have to write the answer to the question in the comments section. There is no limit on words you should use in the comment but you should try to make your comment comprehensive and unique to be selected as winners.

Q - Who is your Best Author? Reason Why?

Write your comment in an interesting way and win steem. So let's get started right now friends, we are waiting for your comments.


1- You must have subscribed Steem Infinity Zone.

2- You are verified by Newcomers community.

Prize :

10 Steem will be distributed to 10 best comments.

This contest will end on 01 August 2021


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Assalamualaikum every one. Hope all of you will be fine and enjoying good health by the grace of God.
Today I am going to tell you about my Best Author. I am not very fond of reading but I do to get in touch with books & knowledge.
I found mam

Razia Butt

( a well known Urdu writer ) the best.


She was a legend story writer of her time. Her way of expressing the scenario is very fine and real. She wrote on social and romantic issues. She used the simple words having deep meaning inside. Her statement are heart touching and effective. Here I am going to discuss the theme of one of her best novels ever

Musarraton ka shehar


It is a great motivational story Having a fruitful lesson for our young generation now a days. In this story the writer talk about the struggle of some people who tried to made their city Good and to avoid from sin. They worked for the welfare of their community.
Moreover Razia Butt have written many hit stories some of them are:
Sher e yaran
bichray lamhay
Muhabbat ho to aisi ho
Aag and many others
Some of her stories are dramatized and filmaized i-e(aag,naila Noreen,khlish).
She was my best author. Do read some of her material.


Thanks for your comment

Hello everyone!!! ☺️☺️

Anwar maqsood"is best Auther for me

Who has written famous plays Aangun Terra ,sitara-mehroon Nisa,Nadan Nadia, Maqsood,s comedy shows fifty -fifty ,Loose Talk with the late legend Moin Akhtar had set several records.

sharing his experience with humar, Maqsood said "Writing humar is not easy .It's like crossing river of fire .No one should be ridiculed and should be written with in realm of courtesy, Other wise it's very easy to write RIDICULOUS JOKES

plz pray for his health he is suffering from COVID-19 ,He,s a real asset's of Pakistan


May Allah give him perfect health. @sauleha thanks for your comment


My pleasure dear 😘

Hello everyone!!!

Here is me @salmashraf and i would like to tell the best author on steemit.I'll answer the given question .

Who is your Best Author ?

I'm tell you about the best author and best professor as well as best teacher and best mentor a very respectful personality is sir @cryptokraze .

Reason Why?

He is an outstanding leader and very motivated person. I'm learned many things under his leadership! First of all he provide us a wonderful platform SIZ for us.He is also provide the opportunity to work on steemit .

sir @cryptokraze provide us full guidance in following ways

  • what is steemit
  • How to Sign Up on Steemit
  • How we login and join communities on Steemit
  • How we Make Our 1st Post on Steemit
  • Basic Knowledge that help us How to make an attractive and interesting post on steemit
  • How We Claim our Rewards
  • How We Power Up using Steem
  • How We Apply Basic Markdown Style on our post to make our post attractive
  • He is conducting very interesting and amazing contest for us
  • RGgukq5E6HBM2jscGd4Sszpv94XxHH2uqxMY9z21vaqHt4sBzPs77pScRoPrApzn5F5oev54QbyTCt4YntxDSSmwb6Mnv7sHKcWuvagPFRYaidXZ3YBMv63BifW1Hne.png

    Thanks u soo much Sir @cryptokraze for always so willing to help us, encourage and motivate us .You are best leader ever!Your managment style work well with all of us.Your integrity is admirable and by far you are the best Author for me.


Thanks for your comment

Hi fellows

My name is @farancnabeel. And i hope all will be fine and happy by the grace of Allah.

  • Today i see a very wonderful and interesting contest in the topic of "best Author" in steemit and overall world.

So, let's start.....

Best Author in the world🌏

Our leader "Sir Muhammad Allama Iqbal"


Allama Iqbal is my most favorite Author in the world because I love his poetry and he is also write a many books on poetry and Muslim's history. Because he is very famous poet so ever one is know about Allama Iqbal. So, have also information about our Best Author.
So, let see in the below table.

Divider 2.png

NameMuhammad Allama Iqbal (محمد علامہ اقبال )
BornNov 9, 1877 , Sialkot
DiedApril 21, 1938 , Lahore
Place of BurialLahore

Divider 2.png

  • Reason , why i like this legendary Man.

Reason, because I am belongs to Pakistan.
So, I love my country and **Allama Iqbal ** had the proposed the idea of Pakistan country.
And he is also a good writer and poet and he also the national poet of our country.
Because I am proud to be this legendary Man. Ans i also like his poetry. And my mobile is also fill of his poetry.

Divider 1.png

And on this wonderful platform Mr. @cryptokraze is the best Author on steemit because he make a very good quality content posts. Thanks sir for making this wonderful and interesting contest.

Regards, @faran-nabeel.


Thanks for your comment

Hi My All SIZ Family Members I Hope You Are All Well.

I am going to tell you about my Best Author.
  • ''Anwar Masood'' is best Author for me:

Source Image

Born:November 8, 1935 (age 85 years) Gujrat
Language:Punjabi, Urdu and Persian languages
Notable awards:Pride of Performance Award by the President of Pakistan in 1999
Parents:Muhammad Azeem, Iqbal Begum
Anwar Masood is a Pakistani poet who is known for his humorous poetry and in addition his works include other titles such as writing in Punjabi, Urdu and Persian. His poetry is known for its unique use of everyday phrases and words. The people like them very much and they are proud of the languages ​​in which they write poetry.


Regard's! @ramzanbaow


Thanks for your comment


My pleasure

Aasalam o Alaikum

~ Hope you all are well and enjoying your happy lives. God bless you all. ~

Firstly I am thankful to @cryptokraze and @siz-official for organizing this contest. Giving us a chance to share our thoughts about the best author.


In my best author is the one who told everyone thing and we can understand easily what the author wanted to convey us. Not giving any long description but tell the basic thing in only few words.

So, in my opinion @cryptokraze is the best author. Because


  • He is the one who take us on this wonderful platform and giving us a chance to show our best skills.
  • He teach us about the how to make your post attractive, how to use markdown styles, how to sign up your account, how you have to work on steemit, and he is helping us by making siz tutorials to make it far more easy for us.
  • He is the one who doesn't leave you alone in any problem. Even I could message him and ask for my problem anytime.
  • He is the who teach us how to stay on this platform and teaching us the basic things.
  • I am not saying all the these things because he is our teacher or mentor. I am saying because he deserves the most. He doesn't help us for any for any reason but for making things easy for us.
  • I have learned such kind of presentation from him as well. He helped me very much from the start of my journey at steemit and I wish I would learned throughout my journey at steemit.
  • Everyone can understand and get the main ideas from him posts easily.


Secondly If I choose the best author is @suboohi mam whi guide me and guiding everyone by giving unique presentation to her post. I have learned a lot from you as well. But priority will be @cryptokraze.

~ I hope you like it. Thank you for your precious time. May Allah Bless You. ~





Thanks for mentioning me dear.

I have been on Steemit for many years and it is the first contest I have been involved in that requests the contestant to just write an attractive comment to qualify as a winner.
My best Author is Stephen Kings and especially its Novel published in October 2006 Lisey's Story.
Stephen Kings has a special way to convey his story to the reader that can easily get distracted by the trap set inside the chapters in the book. The simplicity and complexity of his work are intertwined to the point that read only two times his art is missing out so many hidden gems.


Thanks for your comment @oadissin

Q.Who is your Best Author? Why?

My best author is "Umera Ahmed",a renowned urdu novelist,Whose many screenplays and novels have been depicted as Dramas on television. Her famous novels are Pir e Kamil,Amarbail,Abe hayat,Mano Salwa and Alif etc.

So why I choose her as best author is because she is an author whose novels have so much suspense that you as a reader become center of it.
She portrays traditional emotions in a manner where you get hooked to the story.
Moreover, her novels have compelled in believing and thinking of your life as extra ordinary. Anything can happen with anybody. Her writing style does not exhibits novel 's characters to be perfect or superficial.

She has totally touched and impacted many lives through her writing.
Thumbs up!


She is really a big name. Thanks for your comment

Best author is @drhira


Thanks for your comment


Thank you for giving me this honor

Greetingsy fellow steemians

I want to answer the question in this contest,


    Why I love the Author

  • He is handsome,a good husband to his wife ,the best Dady for the children,

  • In his book he used simplified English
    he use illustration in his teaching,he used stories in his book,he used practical examples, with all this thing's I mentioned,He is my best Author
    Special thanks to @siz-official,@successgr.with @steem infinity Zone


Thanks for your comment @ijelady

For me best author is @cryptokraze not just because he is the founder of this community but what ever i have learned in last 2months is from him.

Reason Why

Due to his outstanding post presentation and quality post and his tutorials for students.How he give students guideline is amazing.


No doubt @cryptokraze is a good teacher

My best author is @cryptokannon

Because I got to learn more about steemit platfrom through his lecture posts.


Thanks dear for your comment

In my point of view @ramzanbaow is my best author for me



Here is lot of reason but I mention here inn just few words

  • And the reason is that I have learned a lot from his post
    The content of their post is very good and they always choose topics very well very well and they prepare their post in many details. Looking at his post, it seems that yes, hard work has been done in this post. Efforts appears in each of his posts

  • I think the best thing about his post is that he discusses in the first post what things he has explained in this post and also denies the conclusion that every person can understand from a result

  • His post is in very simple words so that everyone can understand it easily

Here I want to share some posts links also....



I like his post too. Thanks for your comment


Most welcome.


Thanks a lot @arinaz08
I am very happy and proud that you have selected me.


Most welcome and you deserve that

@cryptokraze is best author

He always write in a good way, we can understand easily. And i have learnt about Siz from him.


I agree with your reason


Thank you

Best author is @iqrarana786

Reason Why she is best author

She is the one who guided me throughly about Steemit.She is my senior but good teacher as well.
She is so humble teach me single thing about steemit about intro post quality posting about partcipation in different contests.
She is not very talkative but the way she teach me everything specially forbidden about plegirism is awesome 😎.
I can aware people about different disease and their precautions.So this platform is so good to me for educating people on this big forum.

Thank you for this platform


Thanks for your comment

If i tell about best author then i will tell here one and only mr @cryptokraze
It not due to that he is the owner of steem infinity zone moreover i have learned i lot of things from him
The thing that i like in them is that he motivated the user also give him proper support i have joined this field before 3 month almost and i have found @cryptokraze best author in every type of this platform
my best wishes for mr @ctyptokraze may allah give him more success in life


Thanks dear @yasin120 for your comment

My best author is @ashkhan

No doubt the founder of this community is "THE BEST"
But if I choose from his students the @ashkhan is the best.


First of all I introduced her on this platform but in short period of time she has achieved so much Mash Allah.In other words she has picked everything what Sir has taught us.

  • Remarkable post presentation
  • Brilliantly pictures editing
  • Outstanding logo for post
  • And the best part is actively participating in every contest in every community.
  • The articles she posted are so much detailed and informative I think she is doing best use of this platform to educate the people as well.
  • Even most of things I don't know but she knows better.
    Best of luck ash on this platform God Bless You.

Thank you for these kind words dear friend and sista. 😘😘😍😍


Thanks for your comment


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Interesting contest

One more inserting contest

Wow this is very amazing contest.

I am also participate.

My entry as soon.

Sure I'm waiting

We have to comment about the author who are posting in siz ?


You can mention any one or both

It's nice to see the comments contest the title of the post lively looks owesome 👍👍I will try to took part


I'm waiting for your comment


I will send very soon insha allah

Ishfaq ahmed is my favourit writer.
He is a famous playwright 'story writer and also a novelist.I like his works because of his deeper sense about humanity .