SIZ Delegation Rewards Distribution | 532 Steem Prizes for 41 Delegators | August 2021

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Dear SIZ Delegators

We are greatly thankful to our Delegators that showed their trust in Steem Infinity Zone (SIZ) through their generous delegations. We have currently 25738 SP Delegations taking SIZ community total effective steem power to 38841. We would like to pay our best wishes to the delegators who have withdrawn their delegations for unforeseen reasons.

We are distributing 532 Steem rewards to our delegators and we need your attention @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 as it will motivate us to keep doing the good work. We have distributed almost 1000 Steem as Delegation rewards in these 2 months which is more than most of the big communities as well. We believe there should be a comment of appreciation regarding our Delegation Rewards System.


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We have received delegations from 41 accounts which are shown in the below table along with their delegation percentage in total Steem Power of Community. In the month of July @siz-official account has received 427 Steem as curation rewards.

As per SIZ Delegation Rewards System, we have to distribute upto 200% Curation rewards among delegators according to their Delegation Rank.


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SP DelegationUnique RankCuration Rewards
25 to 499 SPDelegator 1 Star ⭐120% of Curation
500 to 999 SPDelegator 2 Star ⭐⭐150% of Curation
1000 or More SPDelegator 3 Star ⭐⭐⭐200% of Curation


We are distributing 532 Steem rewards according to the above statistics as a token of appreciation to our generous delegators. These rewards will be transferred to Delegators Wallets within 24 hours from @siz-rewards (Community Official Rewards Pool).

We can proudly say that Steem Infinity Zone is sharing the Biggest Delegations Rewards. You can see the details below about delegation rewards and get upto 200% of curation rewards.

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Delegate to @siz-official and Receive upto 200% Curation Rewards

Quick Delegation to SIZ
50 100 200 300 400 500 1000
2000 3000 4000 5000 10000

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Click Here to Join Official SIZ Discord Channel

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Publisher : @cryptokraze
Discords : FxKraze#2451
Telegram : @FxKraze
Twitter :

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Very valuable and indeed appreciation for SIZ and its delegators😊😊
I haven't seen such amazing community and @cryptokraze no doubt doing and managing above and beyond expection. We entrusted SiZ.... 👍👍👍👍👍
Great work!!!!
Keep it up!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for sharing delegation rewards and I will try to delegate more SP this month. I hope in this month we will get more delegators as international users are attracting towards our community. Keep Steeming Keep growing.

That's great InshaAllah soon I will delegate more....This was infact great initiative by crytokraze to make community more strong

My sp is low this time but I will try to make good post and get reward to delegate to my community.All people who delegate had good decision to invest and make community strong.

All the people who have delegated got their prizes many many congratulations to them IA I will be in this namelist very soon.This is very good way to invest and get 🏆🏆.

We are really grateful to SIZ plateform. @cryptokraze you are very energetic we really like your way of managing this community. No doubt making delegation to the community is great commitment towards better engaging content . Feel very blessed and joyful to be part of this community..
Thanks again for motivation and inspiration. ☺

Very informative information sir .I will try to make good post and create informative content.All people who are interested make community strong by their hard work.Thanks for sharing delegates .This is very good way to invest and get.keep growing 💗

I will do my best to delegate my community make my post best to best very congratulations to people win delegate reward .invest ur community keep growing

This is so informative post .Thanks for sharing.I will try my best to delegate my community.And congratulations to people who win delegate awards.And this is great thing by #cryptokraze to make community strong.Their way of managing is very good .I am really impressed.Keep growing.

That's great. I am also trying to delegate to the community. You will soon get my support post in community 🙂

I'm a new user I can't delegate right now. I will try my best to Delegate soon. Thanks siz for your support.


We will come up with a plan for new users to grow their SP.

It needs commitment from members if they don't cashout all the rewards they are getting. You should use those rewards to power up.


Oh thank you for This. I will definitely do this.
Thank you so much ❤️

Amazing it is very good initiative.
Because my steem power is low so i don't delegate my Sp to @siz-official.
But in the future I will delegate my Steem power to SIZ Community.
And now I appreciate to all top delegaters.

I am very greaful to all siz team sepicly mr @cryptokraze very energetic personality in all fields of the community
The best community i have seen is Siz it is best in all aspects
In feature i will delegate for sp for community
My best wishes for community

Thanks for sharing this delegation reward. I will try to do delegate sp more and more in siz. Keep growing with steem.

Thank you for sharing delegation rewards and I will try to delegate more SP this month. Feel very blessed and joyful to be part of this community.Thanks again for motivation and inspiration.

very informative post

Thank you for distributing the delegation's prizes. I hope that this month we will make great progress and we will get more SP as many people from abroad are joining our community because this community has done a great job So we hope to get more SP. And I also thank you @cryptokraze for organizing such a good community and doing a great job in it. And I thank you very much and I am very happy with you because you are running this community very well and increasing your ability to work in it and other people also know a lot from this community. And they're getting a lot of benefits. It's all because of you because you're doing a great job.


Amazing Sir
It is very appreciation for all the delegators who are doing great by doing so and in the future I will be delegating to siz

No doubt there should be appreciation regarding delegate system our community is at its peak and will touch the high rank as well.
I trust on Siz-official and and I will invest soon.

Wao really amazing work and effort by siz team
All team is working by heart and all are very active and serious with the community
I have found siz the best community ever which is always stand with its users and make high ranks in little time
I will also delgate sp to @siz-officail soon insha'Allah
Best wishes

I hope will be that there can be no greater joy than this because thanks for distributing those significant gifts I hope that we will make great progress this month and will continue to do so. Because these things add to our community by seeing people from the outside and lead to a lot of development that gives us a lot of information for which we have joined this community. Very good We have gained the information on which we have gained so much knowledge and we would like to specially thank @cryptokraze and @siz-official who gave us this platform.
Because they are doing a great job and bringing others into it because the purpose of bringing people into it is to study the difficulties or benefits of everyday life.

Again Bundle of thanks for Sir @cryptokraze and @siz-official:


Thanks to the delegation for distributing the prizes. I am very thankful to Sir @cryptokraze who worked day and night to make this community grow.Sir you are doing a great job and getting other people to do a good job I hope we will learn a lot from here and the newcomers will also be learning a lot from it.

My sp is low i will to next time do my best for siz Inshallah this is chance to grow up

I'm thankful to @siz-official .
I'm exited to see the post of siz distribution post.
I'm seeing this awesome work for 1st time.
Before, i never see this work from any community.

So, I'm happy and thankful to siz for this kind work.

I'm really trust on siz.
So, that's why i always delegate for siz.

I will continue to do so.

Long live SIZ.

Best wishes for @siz-official .


That's great. I will also delegate soon.I will try my best to delegate my community.And congratulations to those people who win delegation award. Keep it up.

Thank you @siz-official I hope to increase my delegation soon!

Thanks a lot @siz-official for this distribution prizes. Its really a great appreciation for us. And its all don't from a great leader. And there is no doubt that we have such a great leader. Because you always support us and your guidelines give so much support.

I also want to say that we learnt many good lesson from you . We learn that how to appreciate other member's work,. its a great because appreciation is much important for more struggle and more efforts. And we always supported by you. And thanks a lot for this

Well I know that you will bring new ideas for us and for this community also. I must assure you that I will try my best for more efforts and more struggle. Delegation is much important for grow and I will definitely take care of this great opportunity for next time. We always with our great leader nd this great community

Regards: @arinaz08