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I hope you all are well and safe and hope so you all have understood my previous lectures with keen interest..I want to start my lecture with a nice words of Mother Teresa.




Hello Steemians. Hello friends of Steem Infinity Zone.
Meet me again @hidayat96 and on this occasion allow me to discuss 5 things about Windows System Restore that we should know.




Hello steemians
Today I will teach you how to activate find my device feature and then use it to find your device when it's lost or stolen.




Hello everyone this is my second tutorial in siz community. Last time I made a text-to-speech program using python language, hope you liked it. Today I'm making this tutorial which is about how to start blogging on I did blogging for a few weeks there. You can make money there as well by Creating an AdSense account on blogger.




Welcome to my first tutorial of "Adobe Illustrator for beginner course" Here you can learn about some tools of Illustrator through which you can easily design your graphics. Use of Pen and Shape builder tool is a very important and helpful tool to design or trace anything you want, in short, the Pen tool is always very useful in your mostly graphics, so if you learn and practice this tool you will able to design on this graphic software.



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Thanks u so much @siz-official for selecting my post and sending the link of my post for booming's motivated me again.
SIZ is an amazing and wonderful platform.

Congrats to all winners, keep it up

Congrats to all selecter in top 5 . You all did your great effort. And you all deserve this success and reward. I hope that it will give you great motivation and determination for doing more work. And it also motivation for us. That we should do more effort for being selector in top 5.


Congratulations to all winners...

Mabarik to all Good content creators keep rocking the siz

Congratulations to all top authors.
All have a good Post.
And i am also like the tutorial of vvarishayy.
She is make a very good tutorials.

Congratulations 🎉 to all. Keep hard working. 🌼

Congratulations to all members who selected as a top author of the day.
I am very happy to see your posts all will be very grateful posts.
Keep hardworking and strong on this platform.
My best wishes for you.
Remember me in your prayers.
Regards, Faran

Congratulations to all the lucky users who get support from booming account. Best of luck for next posts and you all really deserve this.

That's good way to to appreciate your community... Congrats all winners
Keep it up Sir