Winner Announcement Of siz Contest ||Shares Your Best Skills

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Greetings to all!!

The siz contest "SIZ Contest | Share Your Best Skills | 50 Steem Prize Pool" came to the final. Today I'm going to announce the winners. I'm very thankful to all participants. The competition received works from venuzela, Philippine, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ghana, Bangladesh and Pakistan . It really a big achievement that we got 24 participants from different countries.

You all did great job and it becomes very difficult for me to choose winners. I decided these winners


1st place : @wnfdiary : 20 Steem

2nd place : @yuselis : 10 Steem

3rd place : @papi.mati : 10 Steem

4th place : @ruvini : 5 Steem

5th place : @n-chris : 5 Steem

Thank you all for your participation and result will not break your heart. Over the entire period of the contest more than 24 author's works were received. It was very interesting for me to read your best skills ,some has the same that I have, some have impressive fantasy too and I wish you all that you will shine with your skills . Dear friends, thank you for your hard work. I'm mentioning the names of all participants who took part in contest.

@betsay, @uzma4882, @stan015, @n-chris, @lhorgic, @ijelady, @creacionesmayi, @sanabl, @allahnawaz03, @skinnygirl, @mrsfurqan, @hae-ra, @shohana1, @faran-nabeel, @ramzanbaow, @liasteem, @mariarosa27, @allahnawaz03, @saun, @sualeha, @papi.mati, @ruvini, @wnfdiary, @yuselis

I mentioned steemcurator01 for their support and invite them to support the participants!

I will definitely come back with a new contest! If you have any ideas, write in the comments!

Best regards



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@wnfdiary, @yuselis, @papi.mati
@ruvini and @n-chris Congratulations to all winners 🎉🎉💐your winning prizes will be transferred to your wallet with in 24 hours.


Thank you very, very much! Congrats to the other winners!


Muchísimas gracias de corazón. Saludos y felicidades a los demás compañeros. Un abrazo.


Thank you very much! Appreciate it. Congratulations to all!


My heartfelt thanks to everyone, @suboohi including you, who gave me the victory. A healthy tomorrow ... !!! Congratulations to all the winners .... !!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

Congratulations to All the Winners. Your rewards have been Transferred.

Thanks for participating in SIZ Contest.

Congratulations to all winner 🏆🏆🏆

Congrats all winners.

Thank you very much

Congratulations to all the winners.

Congratulations for all Winners 😀♥️👍🎉

Congrats 👏 to all winners. Your skills are irresistible.