SIZ Education | Vitamins and Minerals (Important Minor but Most Neglected Nutrients)

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Hye there my fellow steemianz and SIZ community members. Here is another blog of mine for SIZ Education. I hope that my blogs are helping the community to learn and grow together.

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Vitamins are a group of organic substances present in food that are important to be ingested through food. These are important to perform a regular metabolism.


Vitamins are of two types;

Fat Soluble Vitamin

This group of vitamins includes vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D and vitamin K. These vitamins that are fat-soluble are present in foods that contain fat in it. Egg yolk, liver, fish, cheese, almond, peanut, leafy vegetables and milk contains a high amount of these vitamins.


Water-Soluble Vitamins

This class of vitamin contains Vitamin B-complex and C. These vitamins are present in almost every food as water is present in every food. Soymilk, watermelon, whole grains, mushrooms and citrus fruits are key sources of these vitamins.




Minerals or commonly known as salts or ashes are inorganic compounds that are chemical compounds in solid form and present in pure forms.


Minerals on the base of their requirement are divided into two categories;

Essential Minerals

These minerals are needed by the body, but our body cannot synthesize them. This type of minerals contains Calcium, sodium, magnesium, chloride, potassium and sulfur. These are present in fruits, meat, cereals, and milk are rich sources of such compounds.


Non-Essential Minerals


Minerals that are required by our body for better maintenance and growth. Our body can produce them from variant food sources that we consume.

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Thanks a lot🤗 for giving information about vitamins, and its type and Essential Minerals.😇
And also describe its importance for human body


thanks a lot for encouraging


Its my pleasure😊 dear sir...