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Greetings to Everyone!!

We all know in this pandemic conditions many people are facing financial and other issues. I want you all to do something kind for humanity/nature. I want you all to do some small act of kindness. It could be anything. Allah's Messenger may peace be upon him said that I saw a person enjoying himself in paradise because of the tree that he cut from the path which was a source of inconvenience to the people.

Reason of this contest

Let's do something good and make this world a better place together. We can't change the world alone but we can change someone's world.

Write a post on the act of kindness you did. It could be a small act or a big one.

50 Steem Prize Pool to the kind people

I can't make rank for this contest because every act of kindness is important. So 50 Steem prize pool will be given to 5 people 10 Steem each.

Contest Terms and Conditions

  • The post must be written in the community steeminfinityzone
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • At least 2 or more of your own photos and can be In any language.
  • Invite three of your friends to participate in the contest
  • Tag me @vvarishayy once in post
  • Resteem, comment and upvote the contest post.
  • The first tag should be #helping-hands , the second should be the name of your country. (Most Important)

Deadline to give your entry is until the payout of this post.


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Will participate soon


I think You have misunderstood. You have already used this post in my previous contest. You have to make another post and that should be different from the previous one.


Yes , I have misunderstanding. I will participate before dead line.

Please find my entry for this contest below-

As a prerequisite to participate in the contest, I have upvoted and re-steemed this announcement.


This contest has been included in the daily Active Contest Listing

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It is very good work...

I will try to took part in contest

It seems to be like previous contest . Act of kindness ?


Yes, it would be weekly.

Buenas tardes... excelente iniciativa.

Such a marvelous work. Thank you for motivating the society to do these kind of tasks. BRAVO!!! I put my entry is here.

AOA @vvarishayy. Is there still time to participate.