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Thousands of blessings we have but still we all see the black spot in a white canvas.

Why? Why we do so?

The human mind always attract negative things more than positive. It's natural. We always blame ourselves unknowingly that every thought come outta our mind not define us. It can't be.

Every problem is temporary and every happiness too. We always search for a happy ending but the truth of life is that we have happy chapters of life not the happy ending always. We should take our mind out of the film world. Enjoy the present, enjoy because maybe this is your happy chapter of life. Don't waste because every breath counts. Don't surround yourself with fake peeps. As soon as you realize and accept, it will be beneficial for you. Be selfish too if it's needed.

Human brain thinks millions and billions of thoughts daily and mostly are negative. We feel anger when the things not settle down the way we thought, the future not the way we desired. In spite of reading several self help books I suffer too sometimes, we all are different, our nature, behaviour, the way we think. Love yourself first, because you deserve it ♥️

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Meaningful lesson 👌..

U r doing good work, impressive

Amazing words with lessons

Love yourself first, because you deserve it ♥️

This line touches my heart believe me (one of the best line i like the most in this article)

Hope to see more articles like this :)

Mind blowing post 👍👍👍