Can Human Nature Ever Be Changed? And If So, Should It Be And Why?

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I am, human. I live, i breathe, i feel, i think, i respond, i live. I am free, but not totally. I live within my 'programming', what nature gave me to manifest this body to become a small part of this grand creation. I don’t know what I am exactly, i never came with a book or any instructions... sometimes I wish i had been told what I am, how i work, what i need, and how to live my life. Perhaps that is the point. Perhaps we're meant to figure it out all by ourselves. Step by step we all do so, and slowly discover just who we are, and what we want to do with our lives. I am a part of this divine creation, i did not create it but i am a part of it and i seek to know it deeply.

Each of us are born into this world with one thing in common. Our human nature is what defines us because it is what we all have in common. I may be happy, I may be sad, I may be angry, but I am always human and will always behave according to my nature. If you take a baby and bring it up well, give her love, and a good family unit, she will most likely become a positive and happy person. If you take a baby and mistreat it, beat her and treat her badly, she will most likely grow up to be wounded. How we respond to our life is a part of our human nature. Some may say that human nature is selfish, and mean... and that may be true in a wounded world. That is our human nature. We respond in a natural and predictable way to our experiences.

Let me put it like this.. a very short poem:

Human Nature

I give, i take,
i behave
to my upbringing

but you and I all know this world
through the same lens
of thought, feeling and emotion

when im happy I smile
when im said I frown
i did it before anyone taught be to do so
it is my human nature

When i hear music i want to dance
even when i was a baby i wiggled and jiggled
how we each dance may be different
but we all dance just the same

how i express my anger may be different from you
but we all feel anger
when im joyful I sometimes i do a joy dance,
maybe you just smile
but we all feel joy

There are some things that cannot be changed, only known. We yearn to know who we are, and we have been given this life to discover it. How can we change what we don't yet even know? I think that when we know what we are, the change will happen all by itself. In the meantime let's play out this human life with the mood of inquiry. It takes a lifetime to even understand what human nature even is, and I have a feeling it is so perfect that once discovered i would not want to change it at all. We are perfectly imperfect just as we are!

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That's always a good question, isn't it? What's nature, and what's nurture? We behave in predictable ways when faced with stimuli... and yet, why do two people brought up in (for example) the same abusive situation end up with one becoming a criminal, and one becoming a healer?

No easy answers... ultimately, our healing starts from our awareness that we carry a wound that can be healed.