A popular corn bread in Venezuela

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On June 14th I was going to turn 8 months old without tasting a succulent tender cornmeal. For those of us from eastern Venezuela, this handmade bread is an obligatory gastronomic delicacy in the Creole kitchen; its practical preparation based on tender corn, milk, sugar and a pinch of salt makes it worthy of recognition. In truth, I don't know if outside our borders you can taste this grilled corn cake, aripo, budare or frying pan; it all depends on what you have on hand.

Yesterday @ulisesfl17 passed by the municipal market and bought some marzorcas from a man who was selling tender and dry corn. So we decided to go to my in-laws and make some cachapas. In case you don't know, their preparation is very simple and takes little work. It consists of peeling the cobs, shelling or cutting the corn, and then grinding it in such a way that the corn is well ground; a soft dough with a uniform and homogeneous texture will be left (add a little milk if it does not have a soft texture), sugar and salt to taste. Pour it into the previously heated pan or iron and proceed to cook; the time on the fire should not exceed 20 minutes.

Then it is removed from the fire and is ready to eat by smearing butter and cheese, otherwise it is eaten alone because it tastes exquisite. Here are some pictures:










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