Photographing curious vegetation [Pandanus utilis Bory]

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Aliendres, A.

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At home, the work and places that I frequent, I am always drawn to any plant; it is a custom that I inherited from my family. My father has been working the land since he was very young and at 76 he is an active farmer. I am a lawyer by profession and a farmer at heart. I love the vegetation of forests, savannahs, riverbanks, fruit, medicinal and ornamental species in general. A few days ago I visited the zoo in the city of Maturin - Venezuela, located about two kilometers from my residence.

There was a radiant sun that bathed the entire urban polygonal, the temperature was over 33 °C and the heat stimulated me to seek some natural shade so as not to become dehydrated. After looking for several options, I stopped in front of a tree that exhibited its elegant root system with more than 1.20 meters of height outside the surface. It is a plant species native to Madagascar and Mauritius, is known as Panthenon and its scientific name is Pandanus utilis Bory. As can be seen, its leaves are arranged in the form of rosettes as thin and elongated flat spikes.

It is the only specimen planted in this place and it adapted very well to the soil of this tropical savannah ecosystem. I took several photographs from different angles and approaches, I hope you like the natural beauty of this formidable species naturalized in America.








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iPhone 6 plus mobile device. Photos sized at 960 x 720 pixels and 365 x 487 pixels to maintain visual quality. No filters or level effect applied for contrast.

The vegetal beauty with its characteristic green decorates the natural and artificial environment...


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