10개월 전

It's been a good day today, I started by popping down the dive centre as the boss had a few jobs he was wanting to get done. For me that meant a bit of painting, after weeks of nothing much happening there due to lock down we are now all systems go getting the place spruced up, in a week from now restrictions are going to be lifted which means we can finally go diving again and more importantly for the business we can start to welcome back customers. This will be a great mental boost for everyone, the boss has said that there are a lot of tourists that stayed in the area stuck in corona limbo, some of which will be diving with the shop so it will be a special day when the first walk back through the gates which have not seen much action recently.

Ready to welcome you back.


One person who can't wait to get back is my wife "Koz", she is just a small part of the team at 4 foot 11 inches, she is a deceiving package though with a background as a Judo champion and now a great diving instructor don't underestimate her, big things come in little packages. I for one will be happy to see her back doing what she loves along with the rest of the crew.

Ready for action are you?

koz set.jpg

After a spot of painting and general maintenance we headed home to have a few social beers on the terrace at our compound, Koz and myself are neighbors with the boss which makes for a cool set up that when we want to we can extend the day with a few sundown drinks and not have too far to stumble back home. Before the light failed I caught a couple of pictures of the low tide with the mountains in the background, not a bad view to have out front of your house.

Moalboal vista.


Lone fisherman with Badian island behind.


Thanks for stopping by until next time, stay safe folks!

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