Here in Moalboal Cebu we are lucky to have a large concentration of Green sea turtles, I have dived in many locations around the world and never encountered so many. Here you could be fooled into believing that their numbers are healthy worldwide. Sadly this is not the case the green sea turtle is listed as a endangered species. In past history they were hunted for their shell and as a food source, this is where the name comes from as their flesh and fat is green in colour, although this kind of practice still exists in many parts of the planet the modern world is by far their greatest enemy. Danger comes from many fronts, on land their nesting sites are under threat by property development, pollution and illegal harvesting. In the ocean often caught in commercial fishing nets and unable to return to the surface they drown, discarded fishing nets known as "ghost nets" have the same effect. Excessive boat traffic causes propeller damage to the shell infection sets in and a slow painful death follows. Sewerage run off kills sea grasses one of their food supplies but also plastic bags mistakenly eaten as jelly fish choke them.
Green turtles can live to the ripe old age of 70 maybe longer nobody really knows, it's sad to think that a turtle born today may never live a full life as the species could be extinct before that day arrives. I truly hope that we never see that happen but feel many species across the planet are racing extinction and time is running out.
Do hope this hasn't been too gloomy but sometimes I need to say things as they are, it can't always be look at the pretty picture of a turtle.

Too cute to lose.

turtle face bnw2000.jpg

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