SHARKS - The shocking truth.


Stunning reef sharks hopefully not the last of their kind.

sharkk chill res 2.jpg

I came across these sharks on a dive some months back, they were all just chilling out and seemed totally unfazed with me being there. I guess maybe they were sleeping off a big lunch. Iv'e always loved seeing sharks when I dive, sadly not as many as I did in the past. In twenty plus years of breathing underwater I have noticed a massive drop in the number of apex predators and large pelagic's. Humans kill between 100 - 200 million sharks a year that's an incredible number. Killed for various reasons, food, medicine, fear but largely to fulfill the Fin market. Its crazy to think a bowl of soup could lead to such devastation of one species. Mankind needs to wake up to this savage trade or one day we will wonder where all our important species went. Check out this chart to see how bad things are getting.

shark chart 1.jpg

Take a look this for more info.

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