Clean-up unnecessary granted authorities using Steempeak & Keychain


Hey Everyone!

Due to the recent split of the Steem network which caused some of the Dapps to either moved-out of Steem or has simply discontinued their services; it’s about time to clean-up your unnecessary authorities.

There are many ways to do that but for my post, I would like to focus on what I feel is the simplest way possible. My method will only require the use of Steempeak & Keychain. The use of Steempeak frontend makes it easier to view all your granted authorities while Keychain will grant the action. Please make sure to store your Active key to your Keychain.

1) Firstly, please log in to your account using the Steempeak frontend. As you log in to Steempeak, you will be directed to your profile page and then you may click-on the Actions button.


2) A drop-down list will provide you action options, from there you may scroll down and select Keys & Permissions.


3) Go to the Authorities page to see all your authorized apps


On this page, you will learn all of the Apps in which you granted them with your posting authorities. From here it will be up for you to decide on which apps do you deemed are not fit for your needs anymore.

4) To remove your grant to a specific app, simply click on the "x" mark beside the app.


Immediately after that, confirm your action with Steempeak.


To be followed by your confirmation using Keychain.


Please note that Keychain will automatically react upon confirming your action with Steempeak front.

And after your Keychain confirmation, the procedure is completed and the app that you intend to remove should be gone by now.

Last Note

Granting your posting authority to a certain app would mean that the app has the capacity to control your account's posting actions at their own will. That's is why it is important to grant your posting authority to a specific app that you know and you can trust.

If you feel that a certain app whom you previously granted your posting authority to don't fit your need or have discontinued their service, it is advisable to un-grant your authority to it for your account's safety.

That would be all. I hope my post was helpful to you.

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