[Malaysia Perhentian island #2] We moved to Perhentian island and tried local food with snorkeling!!

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We took a flight from Klia Airport which is located in Kuala Lumpur, to the northern province of Kotabaru. I was thinking of taking a look around Kotabaru, but we didn't have enough time. We took a taxi to get on the boat to the island of Perhentian.


The name of the dock is Kuala Besut. This is where you enter the Perhentian island. There island, 'Redang' which is famous for honeymoon destination as one of the 10 coral reefs next to Perhentian island. Therefore, the cost for staying there, is more expensive. The locals usually go to the island of Perhentian.

The island of Perhetian is called Prentian for locals to pronounce. It consists of a small island called 'Kecil(left)' and a large island called 'Besar(right)'. I've been thinking about which island to go, but I heard that the power supply on the small island is not that good, so there are times when there are power outages. So we chose 'Besar', the big island. And there is a point where you can see sharks and turtles on a big island. And pirana?

It took about an 1 and half hours to get there by boat. We were able to see resort nearby beach.

While we moved to island, we tried tropical fruits. Especially, Korea is one of the most expensive country for fruits, we should try tropical fruits as much as we can eat. There are 'lanbutan(bottom)','mangosteen(left)', longan(center)', 'mango(right)'.

First of all, this is Richie. Richie is also imported into Korea a lot. But the price is not so cheep.

The Queen of Tropical Fruits, Mangosteen, It's my favorite fruit most!!

We import frozen one, and I know it was about 1,000 KW(0.8 USD) per one. By the way, In Southeast Asia, 1kg of mangosteen costs is 400 KW(0.3 USD).

There's something to be careful about when eating mangosteen. There's a saying that if you eat too much, your nose will bleed. I don't know if this is a reliable story. Anyway, it's such a delicious fruit.

This is 'Salong'

Hmm. This fruit is... I'm sure you're a little unfamiliar. It's a very sweet, juicy fruit that smells like 'durian'(the smell of methane gas...). But people who like it eat really well.

We've arrived at the island. Actually, I used to do snorkeling, but the waterproof camera I took, didn't focus on the fishes under the water. so I prepared the camera, but I didn't get any good picture with snorkeling. And I saw a shark while snorkeling. It was a very gentle shark, so when I try to get close to it, it runs away. Unfortunately, I didn't see the turtle.

I recommend you to go snorkeling here. I lent you all the equipment and I think it cost about 16 USD per person, but only three members of my family can go sailing separately and snorkeling in the middle of the ocean. I remember snorkeling at a depth of about 10 meters, not just at a beach.

Of course, you can scuba dive if you want. The price here is...

  • Openwater is 980-1150 ringit
  • Advanced 800 to 1000 ringit
    (1 USD was 3.3 ringit)
    It's a little expensive.

There's a very sad story about dinner here. We looked at the menu for dinner at the restaurant, where we were staying, and there was Prawn on the menu. I didn't know this word at that time. So I asked the waiter what Prawn was and he said "it's like a lobster". "No way... for this price?! I ordered a baby shrimp. How can I call this a lobster?

This is Tom yum kung soup. It is also one of the top three soups in the world, although it has a sour taste with lemon grass. So, It was unfamiliar, but tasty.

If you have never tried before, you must try it!!

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