[Slovakia, Bratislava #2] Explore all the spot and college of Bratislava!!

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Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.

Today I brought a different look of Bratislava that I didn't introduce.


This is a small bus running in Bratislava. There are many mini buses like this in Slovakia. I've seen it a lot in Turkey and Armenia, but I'm glad to see it here.


Trams are also in service. It's a bit strange for me because there are no trams in Korea. It was in the 70s and 80s.
These days, there is no noise, and it moves very smoothly. Besides, there is no traffic, so it's my favorite public transportation.


This is the old town of Bratislava. As expected, Asians come mainly from long-term travelers, and most come from neighboring European countries.


What's special about Bratislava?

We can be looking for this statue. This statue, hidden somewhere in the old city, looks like a real man in a manhole from a distance.


From a distance, I saw a strange building with the pyramid upside down, so I looked around. I think it's a tower that transmits frequencies for radio and television.


This bread looked new and interesting, so I bought it and tried it. That black thing is neither sesame nor red beans... It's something with a strange taste. The conclusion was that it didn't taste good...What was that black thing? I think it was a little spicy, but it wasn't cinnamon or anything.

SAM_4959 (1).JPG

I've climbed the hill behind Bratislava. There is a trail to walk around. I was thirsty, but there are small stores selling drinks in between. And the rail from the mountains? The slide? There's something we can ride. I don't know what it is.


A fresh spring breeze blew, so I bought a glass of cool beer and took a break.


This is the hotel on my way down from the hill. The exterior was very unique. I don't know if this is a concept, but it's definitely not a common hotel!! It's like a children's fairy tale. I'm curious about the inside.


In this day, I met Lucas, who visited UFO tower together with last time, and one other friend Lubo who came to London with him.

Here is the place where the student can just relax.


The students here spend about 0.1 euros for tip and enjoy drinking Kofola (Coke of Slovakia - a little different flavor) and other drinks.


They also play hockey indoors. It's not a place where you can play officially. It's just a lounge, but it looks like it's made of a simple one.


Lucas and Lubo were waiting for me with vodka for welcoming me. People from Slovakia, Poland, and Russia's, The tribe of Slav are famous for their strong drinking. The beer is usually about 11 degrees. As expected, this shabby-looking brew was also very strong. I like sweet and light drinks like Cider.

In fact, after this, they go back to study, and I look around the university and get invited by other students I got close to. We had fun at the university pub where students drink alcohol. I played some games with them.

Well, come to think of it, Bratislava's memory of drinking and playing here is one of the most fun memories...It's a quiet city, so that's a more special.

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