[Slovakia, Nitra #3] The transpotation system of bus and train in Slovakia!!

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I'm going to introduce the transportation that I learned while traveling the cities of Slovakia. My friend, Lenka and I traveled Nitra, the old capital of Slovakia And then moved to Namestovo, her hometown.


On a fine day, I decided to follow Lenka to Nitra, and the next day, move to Namestovo, where Lenka's family is living.

We got on the bus. The way to buy ticket was a bit strange for me. In Korea, we used to put money into the box next to driver or attach our credit card or transportation card.

By the way, In Slovakia, they use transportation card which they prepaid or the ticket can buy from the ticket machine at the bus stop. Probably European feel friendly the way of Slovakia.

What's interesting is that, if you take a bus, you will be charged according to the distance ratio, which is the time proportion here. Each ticket is sold in a time pass for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 day, 7 days, etc. and when you get on the bus and put the ticket into the ticket inspection machine, the time is stamped on the ticket (the same way as Poland).


Bratislava bus stop was interesting and had many graffitis. There is an overpass above the bus stop, and there are paintings on the pillars that support bridge. I think it's good to watch while waiting for the bus.


From Bratislava to Nitra, We used a company bus called 'Regiojet' and it runs in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and neighboring countries. The memorable service is that you can watch a movie because you can see a screen like an airplane in your seat, and there is a woman who rides with customers and gives you coffee or cocoa. The price of ticket is low, and there is a student discount.


I arrived at Lenka's school dormitory. There were strange names written on it. Lenka told me it's a list of people who passed the exam!! They wrote it down for celebrating each other.


We went to drink beer in the evening. Slovakia is also famous for drinking well. I don't know if there's a Russian influence. They love vodka and Beer is more than 11 degrees in standard.


They can't miss vodka!


We took a train from Nitra to Namedovo. I got about 10 euros, but Lanka didn't pay nothing. If you go to the University of Slovakia, all the routes in Slovakia are free of charge...!!! And for getting discount of international student, you must need one of the university ID of Slovakia.


This is the castle of the city called 'Trenčín', which I saw on the train. My slovak friends said it is a wonderful city. I should go next time I have time.

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