Autocad 3D Modelling: Chitauri Scepter (MCU Weapons)

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Hello Steemians!

Today's featured design is the Chitauri Scepter. Known to every MCU fans, this scepter has the slickest design and look among all MCU weapons. Chitauri or also known as the Glow Stick of Destiny bears the mind stone inside the blue gem of the scepter. The primary power of the scepter is the mind-controlling power which many times seen in the MCU movies.

For about a week or two, that I've been trying to figure out the techniques in remodeling this object. After I made the Stormbreaker, I immediately jump into this weapon but many attempts have failed. Just this day I completed its design so let's get over to the process.


For this design, I made several parts to fully remodel the object. At first glance, the weapon has really complex structure. I started creating the base of the scepter first then going to the top figures and details.
Screenshot 530.png

Screenshot 531.png

Screenshot 532.png

This part is the creation of the blue gem and its black holding rod.
Screenshot 533.png

Screenshot 534.png

Screenshot 535.png

Screenshot 536.png

Attaching the gem to the base fits very well. Nice!
Screenshot 537.png

This part is the first blade. I create two separate blades because I think the better way to create the full image of the blade is to separate them and one by one attach them to the main object to adjust.
Screenshot 538.png

Screenshot 539.png

Screenshot 540.png

Screenshot 541.png

The 2nd blade which is the bigger one.
Screenshot 542.png

Screenshot 543.png

Attach and adjust the correct position of the parts.
Screenshot 544.png

Adding extra details and lastly, the handle which is not similar to the original as you can see. Because in order to have a better look in rendering the figure, I must create a smaller view as possible and by eliminating the handle we'll achieve what we want to show to the audience.
Screenshot 545.png

Screenshot 546.png

Screenshot 547.png

Adding materials similar to the original. And you're done!
Screenshot 548.png

Do you have some ideas or things you want me to design? Comment them below and I will look into it. :)

Thank you for dropping by. Stay tuned for more 3D Designs.

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