Land tortoise a millenary animal

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Land tortoise a millenary animal

One of my first pets was a land tortoise, and although years later I became a person against raising domestic pets because the nature of animals is freedom and not captivity.


In the region where I grew up, the land tortoises are called Morrocoy and are highly valued for their meat, which they use to prepare a gastronomic dish during the Easter season.


My intention is to reflect on this species in danger of extinction here and in other parts of the world, the land turtle as well as other species of turtles have the ability to live a long time some come to spend the century of life.

It would be very sad to lose this species which I consider one of the most interesting reptiles on the planet, due to its diet and its anatomical composition it manages to survive long periods of time, only consuming little water and small rations of food.


In the case of Venezuela they are present throughout the national territory, the state of Bolivar being the largest in extension and habitat where there are more land turtles. They have a very strong shell which has been modified for more than 100 million years, this places the turtles as one of the oldest animals on the planet, man only appeared about 2.5 million years ago.


I chose a series of photographs that I have taken in these days of quarantine for the coronavirus, this turtle lives in the building where he is currently very tame and I am happy to let him do a photo session.


This specimen is a male, and one of the things that I noticed is that during a prolonged time it lived in a very narrow place which made its carapace deform a little, even so it enjoys good health, I am not an expert in this type of animals but I do know about them due to the constant contact by the region where I grew up since there are many of them in spite of the fact that year after year they hunt them to consume their meat.


A few years ago I started a cultural collective project that I called karapacho, carapacho is a word of Venezuelan origin that means shell. I named it after the reptile that I fell in love with its beauty.


When I have more time I want to go deeper into the conservation of this species, at other times I have done work on the conservation of some animals in extinction through the use of puppets using recycled materials.

Continuing with the graphics we can notice the different textures that compose the skin and shell of the reptile as well as its striking black and yellow colors unmistakable characteristics of this terrestrial species.

To read all about this project and find out how you can support it, visit it at by simply clicking on the link: Puppets in the community PROJECT and be sure to check out steemit's profile @arrozymangophoto

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