Reminder: Live without fears and doubts!

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A person cannot do great and become successful if he is living with fears and doubts. These kinds of thoughts can obstruct a person's ability to trust himself with the experiences new to him.


I know this is not a secret. We all know that when somebody is afraid to take the first step towards becoming the man of his dreams, he may live with regrets once he realizes that. And this is the purpose of today's article. It is to remind you that living in fear won't do you any good. You cannot achieve greater heights when you always hesitate to move forward. If you want to succeed, you must not be afraid to fail.

Failures also contribute to the reason why many of us are afraid to risk and try. Before we see the results, we tend to overthink and forget what is in plain sight. We are clouded in fear because we thought we might fail.

Another one is confidence. How many of us have lost faith in ourselves and our capabilities because we lacked the courage? I'm sure anybody will agree that losing self-confidence is the same as losing self-love. Little by little, when we are discouraged, we tend to forget to look at ourselves and see our worth. We look away from ourselves who is most important to us and believe that the people around us are at fault. Although I am somewhat like that too, I cannot deny that this statement is true.


Aren't we supposed to be the ones who believe in us when nobody does? Shouldn't we strive to do our best and be ourselves when no one can appreciate us? Are we not somewhat at fault for losing confidence in ourselves? I am not asking these questions to corner you but to know if you somehow think the same.

Like I've said to many people I met before - "We have the right to choose what we want to believe and what we want to ignore."

If you think something will not work for you or might burden you, you can choose to walk away and focus on what inspires you. We have the free will to do that - but only when we are not afraid to express ourselves.

Easier said than done? I wanted to say that you can do that as long as you will not hurt other people. But then I realized that it is sometimes impossible. I know along the way, some people may suffer the consequences of the decisions we've made, and that is inevitable. What we can do about that is to win our way to the goal. So that when the time comes, we can repay what they sacrificed for us.

I know this may sound like the other side of the story, but I would like you to think that it is possible to live without fear. True, that it would be grueling at the very start, but the fruits of your labor will be as sweet as the passion you've put into persevering throughout the journey.

It is not impossible. Believe in yourself.

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