Reminder: You are worthy to love and be loved!

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Why do we always hear so many people questioning their worth and why others can't appreciate them? It's just a question, but it has many contexts - one line; so many thoughts and answers.


I know that if you're going to ask everybody, we might hear lots of different perspectives from different people. We are all different not only in the way we look but also in the way we perceive everything around us. We are all entitled, and we vary with opinions. And that makes life and meeting people fascinating. You'll never know what character you can meet in the future and those destined to meet and build a good relationship.

But again, I still want to ask: Why do we always hear so many people questioning their worth and why others can't appreciate them?

We already know that in the world today, not everyone is blessed with a loving family. Many of us do not get the love from people we think highly and respect. And that is sad, but a situation like that exists.

What would you feel if it was you who was in their shoe? Will you ask the same question and seek answers? Or will you ignore the thought and go on with what your life has become? It's a tough life, but some endure and find happiness in the end. Sure, that it might take longer than expected, but knowing that you'll find happiness is still a good ending. Isn't it right, or I'm mistaken?

One more that I could think of are people who suffered pain because of an unprecedented event. Physical damage or mental and emotional, being hurt from any of those can engrave a deep wound in the heart. And forgetting that wound is as hard as trying to get yourself out of a cage. Imagine trying to escape from that without any tool to assist you. That's how grueling the situation could be. So, let us not blame or belittle anyone who thinks that they are undeserving and those who ask those kinds of questions out of nowhere.

I know you cannot please everyone, but everyone may understand anyone if we have good communication. Muster some courage and talk. You wouldn't want to waste the opportunity to meet people who will come to appreciate you. Don't regret anything.

What do you think is your opinion on that question?
I want to hear your side. Can I?

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Very true. Self-worth does not depend on validation of others but is within. I have an autistic son and I have always taught him to say "I am lovable and capable"


So heartwarming to hear it from you who has such a difficult situation. But I know God won't give it to you, if He don't know you can't win it. I'm sure feels so much love from the people around him. Bless you!