On Desire, Something That's Imitated

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“Ultimately, it is the desire, not the desired, that we love.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

We tend to confuse between needs and desires. Food, for example, is a need, but lipsticks aren't. The latter is a desire.

Alexis Fauvet

Mrs. Teresa takes care of toddlers in a room.

Although she puts a bunch of toys in the room, the toddlers started gravitating toward a particular one: their pattern of gravitating toward one particular object has been endlessly repeated. Over and over. Why?

Why did these little individuals want the same thing? Who taught them the desire? Where did their desire come from?

The theory of Memetic Desire says that human beings mimic another person's desire. From infancy to adulthood.

During infancy, behaviors are noticeably apparent. However, in adulthood, behaviors are much less obvious.

The same principle applies whether the individual is an infant or an adult. Everybody mimics desire from society.

Desire is memetic, which means it is imitated. Desire is part of a social process. Given that human beings are social creatures.

The theory of memetic desire also opens our eyes to the root cause of conflicts. Buddha, for one, puts his finger on desire as the culprit behind suffering. We all can at least partly agree with Buddha perhaps?


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