Fresh Photo Collages

3개월 전

For the last few days, I have been working in more detail on photo manipulation, creating various effects on photos and the like.

Lately, there are quite a few online programs with enhanced artificial intelligence that work similarly, well, I use one older Photoshop and that actually offer the same. And without AI.

Something to try:

Hungry hippopotamus (if it was an animated gif, everything would shake) 😎


Garbage - a kaleidoscope of an old abandoned garage


Generated Random - the capture of the Winamp visualizer (Milk) screen with some effects


Universal Nature - a collage of flowers and one butterfly, the background is under a liquid filter and the effect of plastic wrap.


Otherwise, I would have to do this regularly to get to a higher level, but fuck it, sometimes, before this #covid19 hysteria, my main activity was recording and editing live music events, after half a year of inactivity, it seems like it’s over.

So, enjoy in my collages :)

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