Forgotten soul ๐Ÿ’ญ


My own Grafik "The journey"

Forgotten soul

The grave was abandoned
the flower wreaths are withered
and nobody comes back and takes time.
Memories, sunk beneath the earth.
Worms are booming down there
and don't have to be ashamed.
A human life has passed, very classic in oak.
Lowered into mother earth, where darkness determines time.

Surrounded by the unknown future, the soul sleeps,
and will remain faithful to the body for months.
Then when the silver cord is cut and the dish is spoken,
then the story ends as we understand it earthly.

The transparent cloud rises up towards the light.
Ultimately now renounces the earthly area.
It only knows where it really goes.
Life is a short dream.
Death might be an endless adventure.
Maybe who knows, who can know?
you donโ€™t have to miss anything in death.
Maybe who knows, everyone has to pay
who tormented others.
But I know one thing 100 Pro.
Whatever I do
I will die anyway
whether with or without a chest.

So according to this kind of verse,
I'm not smarter than my beard ๐Ÿ˜Š.
I send thoughts blessedly,
to my brothers in the flesh!

(c) by myself

To native english speakers. If I make mistakes, tell me.

It made me very happy!

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