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Preview Wallpaper "Steem Kings" selfmade

Steem Kings

The lions are peaceful and social
The world is warlike and brutal
Steemians are kings of the blockchain
Borne by optimism
hold them together
The wilderness is tough, but fair
Lions are predators
This is the name humans gave the lions
Are you a lion on the steem?
We will see
Selfishness is a hyena
Hyenas in the majority can even kill lions
Beware of the hyenas and carry your optimism into the world

ีพึ…ีด ษ‘ษพาฝ ษ‘ ีิตาฝาฝส ฦ˜รญีฒึ!

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The wallpaper is currently on the moderation queue. All works are activated manually on Alphacoders.
Here it should be released soon:


ยฉ by myself

11 Tipps fรผr neue STEEMIANS ๐Ÿ“ˆ

Ave Atque Vale!

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