It's No Secret - We All Love Creative Cities!

4개월 전

I used to live in a big city where life was fast-paced. Work was stressful for me for most times. What comforted me were the artworks I passed by everyday. Even if my way home was in a different path, I would intentionally walk the other way just to get a glimpse of these wonderful street arts.


2020-07-27 08.30.37 1.jpg

Between the Lines



2020-07-18 04.27.01 1.jpg

We are What We Pretend to Be

2020-07-27 08.31.47 1.jpg

2020-07-27 09.50.39 1.jpg

May You Find Comfort Here


Dating Tagpuan

2020-07-27 09.17.05 1.jpg

Magic Owl

2020-07-27 08.31.45 1.jpg

David's Hand

2020-07-27 08.31.49 1.jpg

Araw + Ulap + Laro = Saya

2020-07-27 08.31.48 2.jpg

The Way Home

2020-07-27 08.31.46 1.jpg

There are actually a lot more to capture. I just hope this pandemic will end soon so I can go back and

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Oh thank you 😊

Very nice artwork on the buildings and walls. We don't see this kind of artwork in Korea. It looks cool. It reminds me of being back in the States.


It's also uncommon here in my hometown. That's actually located in Metro Manila in the Philippines. I used to live there. Happy that you liked it :)